dressed up like a lady: Look who's back!

Sep 25, 2012

Look who's back!

Happy to be of service, anonymous dipshit!


  1. Haha it's like my mom says: stupid people never learn, that's what makes them stupid.

  2. I feel safe in saying that to you, it's kind of a birthday present to be given the chance to verbally slice up a fool who has it coming. So I'll holster my protective impulses for the moment and let you enjoy it, baby. I love your fangs.

  3. GO YOU!!! What an idiot. I am divorced and I can tell you that just like the Louis CK quote you posted a few months ago, no good marriage ends in divorce. It took me a few years to adjust, but that is not the same thing as pestering my ex husband and his wife, or telling my friends to. I may not have been happy when me and my ex husband separated, by I sure as hell didn't cling on for years thinking we should still be together! Obviously we should not or we would be lol. Pride is what makes you refuse to see the truth and this lady is blind. OMG Somebody needs to GROW UP. This is not how grown ups act.

    1. PS This is Christine T. I don't know why it says Im unknown, I have commented before.


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