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Sep 14, 2012

Married life: My summary thus far!

Happy Friday! Me and my HUSBAND (<--♥) are preparing for a beautifully simple and romantic weekend. Is it overly obvious that I'm still looking for any excuse to use that word? ;)

Our wonderfully talented friend and photographer Nicole Ladonne gave us a all the final shots from our engagement session recently, and there are so many shots I'm in love with. I can't believe how lucky we are to know such fantastic people.

So let's see, what I can tell you about married life so far? Well, I can tell you that having already decided we were married -- knowing it in our hearts and, more importantly, diligently knotting the phalanx of our life together -- really does mean something. MC and I have been through so much difficult and rewarding experience together, with such consuming and complete commitment. We chose to make ourselves a rock solid home and family for each other and Gbear a long time ago, and we've built ourselves into stronger and stronger people with a stronger and stronger bond by facing each difficulty that the very choice to be together created. Each obstacle, challenge, and source of stress we faced in the worlds of relationships, cohabitation, children and divorce, blended families, home ownership, and medium scale party planning (or whatever life-category weddings fall under) has brought us closer together, strengthening the resilience of our bond and making us a more tough, coordinated, efficient, and ruthlessly unstoppable team. But what we know from past relationships (and life in general) is that as a couple, for your difficulties to bring you together and not tear you apart is a pretty big deal. It takes hard work and self reflection, deep, deep effing compatibility, and probably a shot of divine intervention. Regardless, we started work on that shit on day one of our relationship -- long before we'd ever walked down the aisle! So no, living that same life post-wedding isn't really all that different. 

But I tell you what: all that stuff about amazing, hot sex disappearing after you get married is BULLSHIT.

Oh, and one other thing I can tell you: human perceptions of time be damned, this moment exists infinitum.


  1. uhm yeah. getting married only made our sex life better :D you get more open with each other - it's actually been great for us too! i'm glad you said it.

    and i LOVE your hair in all of these. oh my gosh i want your hair! do you dye your pink accent or do something else?

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  2. Thanks for being honest about relationships. They ARE hard work, but that hard work IS the most rewarding thing in the world.

  3. Lucky you, darling!
    These pics are amazing :)


  4. Thanks for stopping by ;-)
    Beautiful pictures!

    I really need your help by a competition, check it out


  5. your pictures are gorgeous. I esp. like the 'us-in-the-chair' shots under
    the tree.

    you guys have passed the test of obstacles and will last into forever- plus
    such a perfect match of tastes and ideas.

    thank you cammila, for proving true love is possible if you believe.
    [an i'm thinking you both must really know yourselves very well and
    what it is you want and love]

  6. i agree with you sweetie!
    lovely photos!


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