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Sep 5, 2012

Our honeymoon: Idle pleasures

MC and I spent our honeymoon in a beautiful cabin in a private wilderness. On the inside, this little slice of heaven might as well have been a swank hotel suite made of solid wood. And on the outside, there were acres and acres of meadows and woods and land that we had completely to ourselves.

Consequently, a lot of our honeymoon pics are not blog appropriate.

But fear not, dear reader, I will sort out and post the PG-13 ones for your viewing pleasure! Here's a collection of shots examining what we spent most of our time doing, and with much relish: next to nothing! Activities like...

Watching the cat

Enjoying the view

Lounging by the firepit, roasting Dandies Vegan Marshmallows

Making (and eating!) other foods


♥Leftover wedding cake

Lots of salad (of course)

♥Campfire nachos

♥Rootbeer floats with coconut ice cream

Sneaking pictures of each other is nothing new, but we made a whole new artform out of it -- hiding behind the trees in front of the cabin and snapping paparazzi pics of each other. MC got me almost every day. And some of the pics were actually kind of flattering!

♥But I totally got him back. HA!
(Can you blame me?!?!)

♥And of course, the wilderness is a great place for stargazing. But maybe not better than our own backyard


  1. The food looks delicious (I'm drooling) and you both look very sexy ;) I'm happy your honemoon went well.

  2. congratulations, once more :)

  3. I would love to just escape to a cabin in the middle of nowhere for a while.

  4. You two are pretty darn adorable. And this cabin retreat looks like heaven.

  5. OMYGOSH, you guys - the love, care and enjoyment you two have of each other
    ooooozes out of each pic. something to hope for, indeed.

    yummy - the cake looks delish! and so does the salad actually.

    and speaking of salad once you come down from cloud 27 , please, please give
    us - inquiring minds , your diet and exercise routine -- thank you.

    you two are majorally blessed!

    1. I have not forgotten, I swear! It's on my docket. HARD.


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