dressed up like a lady: Our Honeymoon Road Trip/True Romance Tribute

Sep 3, 2012

Our Honeymoon Road Trip/True Romance Tribute

Before I assail you with a zillion more wedding pictures, how about a little cinematic fun, with some playful shots from our honeymoon road trip? 

MC and I are both lovers of the 1993 classic True Romance, helmed by the tragically late, eternally great action director Tony Scott. In one of my favorite sequences, True Romance depicts Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette on a red hot post-nuptual journey in a purple Cadillac, as they travel from freezing Detroit to sunny L.A.



MC and my trip was pretty tame by comparison -- there was no gas guzzler, no stolen suitcase of cocaine, and we brought Chi with us. But what can I say? We were just as ecstatic as two lovers on the lamb.


  1. haha i'm just noticing the tag "hot boyfriend". LOVE it!

  2. I love that you wore cheetah print leggings and packed sugar packets just for the photos, haha. Also, I am surprised by how calm your cat looks in the car. My cats were always terrified of being in the car; shaking and screaming.

    1. Heh, I have to admit that when I found these leggings, the first thing I thought of was creating this outfit. Though in fairness, I do always have packets of Truvia lingering at the bottom of every pocket and purse.

      Oh and seriously, my cat is bizarrely happy about traveling! As long as we set up his carrier like that, so he feels like he's riding up with us, he's happy as a clam. :)

  3. Seriously one of my favorite movies! You totally captured it.

  4. well ive never seen the move. but if its as brightly colored and amazingly happy as your and MC's photoshoot..i might just have to netflix it! also, the kitty is gorgeous!

  5. love the pics,love the story,love the outfit,love your cat..
    okay i have to stop now!

  6. adore your complete outfit, especially the red top and that bag is reallty calling my name.

  7. did you get that little blue bag on line? can a tank top fit into the bag?


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