dressed up like a lady: What a wedding gift!

Sep 12, 2012

What a wedding gift!

MC and I were pretty dang lucky in that, in addition to being blown over with the loving presence of many of the people we cherish most at our wedding, we also received a gratuitous explosion of sweet, generous, totally unnecessary gifts.

Among them, was this beautiful, vintage crocheted top. It might seem like a strangely wonderful surprise to receive vintage fashion as a wedding gift, but not when you remember that it came from the wonderful Erica from Farmstead Vintage and her lovely family. And this wasn't the only thing she gave us! Just wait till you see the other fantastic sundries that her clan gave us out of the goodness of their huge hearts. :)

Beige crochet open weave top: Farmstead Vintage
Shorts: Ancient, destroyed
Boots: Kelly & Katie
Sunnies, bracelets, belt: Thrifted

Okay, I'm going to go practice signing my name. My new license should come in the mail this week and I'm ridiculously giddy. :)


  1. Love this outfit and beautiful pictures. You look great, follow you now ;-)

    I hope you join my Ibiza Giveaway!


  2. I've been so busy, but I've "meant" to comment on every one of your honeymoon blogs lately. I can't get the pictures of you on the porch with the milking pail on the stool next to you out of my head...like you milked the goats in your bikini and then had a relaxing cup of coffee. The pictures of MC shirtless? *%$* Yowza!!! And this, sweet girl, looks so darn pretty on you. In Joe's words "Jesus, why isn't she just a really successful model?". For realsies. It is also a dream to come to a wedding in which I could have given the beautiful couple a hundred different things (not off of a registry!), that they truly would have treasured. xoxoxoxoxo e.

  3. great top, but those boots are driving me crazy.

  4. Super cute outfit! :D & thanks for commenting on my blog! <3 So happy for you & MC! You two are soooo adorable :P

    xo - Brittany

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