dressed up like a lady: Who's the hot guy with the tiny horn?

Sep 10, 2012

Who's the hot guy with the tiny horn?

Dog walkers and kids on bikes who traverse the sidewalks in front of our house have probably heard a lot of MC playing his horn, and me singing scales. Gotta keep those musical muscles limber, so we both make a point of exercising them every day. Well, when we travel, MC has a pretty adorable answer to the quandry of fitting a trumpet into carry-on luggage, or a hatch-back crammed with belongings: his pocket trumpet.

A pocket trumpet has the same length of tubing as a standard horn, it's just wound tighter to make the whole thing more compact.  It still has the same range as a regular trumpet, and while pocket trumpets originally had a military application,  today, they mostly occupy a space between novelty and convenience. MC's sounded pretty beautiful echoing over the rolling meadows and hills surrounding our honeymoon cabin. :)

Straight leg jeans: Levi's
Plain, white t-shirt: Jockey
Boots: Alden Indy Boots

It also looks particularly handsome with MC's wedding ring, if I do say so myself. :)


  1. MC looks like a hot guy from an old black and white movie!

  2. I don't think I would have believed somebody if they told me there was such thing as a miniature trumpet. MC is so cool.

  3. That looks like a toy! And I like your man's classic style. Been trying to dress like that more lately. It's hard to find tee shirts that aren't baggy.


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