dressed up like a lady: Black and white and falling over.

Oct 11, 2012

Black and white and falling over.

Leggings: BDG
Top: Random TJMaxx find
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Houndstooth cardi: Old, possibly UO
Belt, sunnies: Thrifted 

For the sake of your own amusement, I'd like to point out that I assumed this pose in response to MC simply calling out "Puppy dog!" Not "Be a puppy dog," not "Make a face like a puppy dog," Just "Puppy dog!" Turned out he saw a cute one on the sidewalk nearby. I stand by my reaction.


  1. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. Those are some hot ass pants.

  2. I like you in this style very much! <3

  3. Hahaha! The puppy dog pose! Those pants are sick :)

  4. Seems you really had fun on this one ! We love the outfit but our favorite remains your dyed hair and the pair of shades to match !

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  5. too cool. so glad i found my way to your blog! let's follow each other! xx

  6. Yes. I love this look on you, and wish I could pull off those leggings the way you do.

  7. I have such a crush on your houndstooth cardie... I wish I still had my houndstooth skirt, twas adorable.
    If ever you feel like donating it....;)


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