dressed up like a lady: My Lego Alter Ego.

Oct 3, 2012

My Lego Alter Ego.

A longtime pal at work named Joe dropped by my desk to give me this kickass pink-haired Lego rock chick the other day. I squealed like a schoolgirl and have happily adopted this as my minifig alter ego. Joe once fixed the hell out of my Powerbook screen after I stepped on it, even though it was a huge pain in the ass. He then accepted no grander form of payment than a Best Buy gift card I won in a raffle at the employee picnic. Dude's an effing mench and an engineering rock star. And generous with his extra minifigs.


  1. love your lego-ego ... so fun!


  2. only your high heels are missing on the alter ego :)

  3. Very fine dress up, I like this so much. Very good post.

  4. So fun ! I like this very much . Very good post !


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