dressed up like a lady: Nick Curran t-shirts, and other signs of grief.

Oct 9, 2012

Nick Curran t-shirts, and other signs of grief.

There's an awkward, dumb feeling when someone you care about dies and you realize you're powerless to express yourself about their passing in a way that does them any kind of justice. Loyal Citizen Clothing will be making another tribute tee for Nick in the near future, so in the meantime I'm wearing one of my old ones. It feels kind of silly. Wearing a particular shirt doesn't put a dent in the feeling of loss. But I don't know what would.

MC wrote a really loving obituary for him for work. You can read it here.

 Nick Curran tee shirt: Loyal Citizen Clothing
Full skirt: ArtelleGallery
Shoes: Seychelles
Doorknocker earrings, belt: Thrifted



  1. I don't have an universal advice about how to deal with grief, it is really depending on one's feelings. But remembering the good days and moments spent with the loved one, and thinking more of the happy days and less about the death, in my opinion, is the best way. some people may find it not appropriate, but I like the tee. You know, you will probably remember him so many times during the time, and it is the best ways, to remember how you were happy in one's presence.

  2. lovely sentiment and outfit.


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