dressed up like a lady: Our Honeymoon: The Woodswoman's Axe

Oct 23, 2012

Our Honeymoon: The Woodswoman's Axe

Thought I was out of content about our wedding/honeymoon? HA! MC and I are home sick today, so it's time for more honeymoon pics from the archive

The crazy thing about registering for gifts is that you can end up being gifted items that you would probably otherwise never, ever be removing from flowery wrapping paper. Like an axe.

We registered for an axe because axes are useful -- especially when you have lots of trees and shrubbery on your property. I don't know if we really thought anybody would buy it, but of COURSE our guitarist Robert and his beautiful girlfriend got it for us (He is our band's axe man, after all). What's more: they embossed our names onto the case that came w
ith it!

We took it with us on our honeymoon, thinking (ridiculously) that if we felt like doing real camping and firebuilding, we could use it. Obviously, that didn't happen! So we decided to have some cheeky fun and use it as a wardrobe prop for some pictures. Of course, you might have noticed that if MC and I get on either side of a lens, things can go on indefinitely.
Ancient cutoffs: Who knows
Top: Silence and Noise
Moccasin boots: Minnetonka
Axe: Eastwing, courtesy of Robert Rasmussen

Egads! Married people avoiding tan lines! Alone in the woods! Puritans avert your eyes.

We did actually find one practical application for the axe while we were on vacation: splitting a watermelon.


  1. With the axe and the boots, you look like a superheroine!

  2. Amazing pics, darling!
    You look fantastic in those shorts!


  3. the boots & the baby basket are heaven!
    the more you show us your waist the more we want your rountine, besides
    great love making.

  4. SO cute! I am loving your shorts and boots :) :) :)

  5. i've never seen someone make an axe look so sexy!!! i love that you used it to cut a watermelon!

  6. Hello - can I have your figure, please?


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