dressed up like a lady: Semantic Smackdown: Snake Plissken vs. John McClane

Oct 16, 2012

Semantic Smackdown: Snake Plissken vs. John McClane

Okay so I made another Semantic Smackdown video for work. But this one, I must admit, is not quite as fashion centric -- it's Snake Plissken vs. John McClane, the heroes of Escape from New York and Die Hard (respectively). But who says fans of fashion can't be fans of action movies? Nobody! At least nobody in range of me during my formative years, since hot style and action movies are two of my favorite things. Anyway, hope the video's good for a laugh or two.


  1. Love this! And now I know the theme for my family's next film festival. I may throw in Big Trouble in Little China for my kiddo to watch (less violent than Escape, but Kurt still has The Hair).

    1. Captain Ron he has eye patch and hair and kid friendly

  2. Yippie Kay Yay, Movie Lovers! I dunno, I think there's a lot of fashion going on in these films - Bonnie Bedelia's big hair and shoulder pads, Snake's motocross boots and not to mention, the tough simplicity of Willis' strap t-shirt and khakis combo.

  3. You are so amazing on camera, darling ~ wow!
    Really fun video :)


  4. "Has no shoes..." "Has no depth perception" BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Also, I want your job, I'm pretty sure it's my dream job.

  5. yep, bruce willis wins! you're so cute. i agree with rachel - i really want your job -wow - hope you are considering getting a channel on you tube, you would light the websphere on fire.

    & i'm steling the word bad assery.


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