dressed up like a lady: Temporarily Inked -- Happy Birthday, MC!

Oct 30, 2012

Temporarily Inked -- Happy Birthday, MC!

Okay, I admit it, that tattoo you caught a glimpse of yesterday isn't permanent -- but it's still awesome! I designed a couple of custom temporary tattoos for GBear and I to rock in honor of MC's birthday! 

Did I capture MC's handsomeness with my clumsy drawing skills? I was inspired by a similar Daddy crest tattoo I saw on Tumblr (link removed because the post is gone -- bummer!), so I used its awesome laurel crown and created this portrait of MC for it in Illustrator. I also erased the existing crown, which was all gold, and drew a red velvet Imperial State Crown. This matters if you're a Queen fan.

The heart tattoo doesn't require much explanation, I guess. I made sure they were both surrounded in laurel and I'm giddy to say that MC was overjoyed with his girls' birthday tribute.

So how did I turn these designs into temporary tattoos? I commissioned them from the amazing, wonderful, communicative and generally awesome Nat D at Keropanda! I sent her my designs and she printed and sent them to me lightening fast and with massive attention to detail. Seriously, she was so on the ball, and had a sweet attitude to boot. If you're looking for a "test drive" tat or just something a little different, I can't recommend this shop enough.  :)


  1. This is so cute ! We are sure MC would have been so happy !

    Cheers to both of you ! And yes the sketch was close ! :)

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  2. wonderfully cool and creative, cammila. luv the daddy design and ohmygosh
    g bear is soso cute.


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