dressed up like a lady: A Beautiful View: Instagram Edition!

Nov 15, 2012

A Beautiful View: Instagram Edition!

Let's take a look at MC and my recent photographic shenanigans via Instagram.

 Pic I accidentally took of my own sleep-smushed face while button-mashing in a half-awake attempt to hit the "Snooze" button. The best part is that the alarm wasn't even going off on my phone, it was on the radio.

My moccasin boots, still showcasing char-marks from the firepit on our honeymoon.

Chi, discovering new ways to demand attention in the morning.

Leisurely Saturday breakfast of sprouted grain toast with coconut oil, raw honey, raw almond butter, and raspberry jam. And coffee with coconut milk, of course. :)

My usual at Zingerman's Coffee before work.

A fabulous batgirl action figure we ordered for GBear.
A yummy Monday night hot-water chocolate cake (made with hot coffee instead!)

Chi, modeling an awkward hat.

My view from band practice.

My wallet.

MC's first picture on his new phone.

MC's gratuitous shot of my belly. :)

MC's view from band practice.

GBear, lined up with the other kindergarteners before school.

  Me and my decimated eye makeup after chopping onions.

 Chi, helping create a mess with the outgoing mail.

Our nieces and GBear making marbled playdough creations.

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  1. i love these pictures! that first one made me laugh (and is very beautiful, especially for a first thing in the morning pic). and i hate you just a little bit for your extremely flat belly!


  3. oooH...a visual treat - lovin' instagram.

    hot lips, hot boots, cute cat, cute wallet, sweetsweet tummy & sweet
    little girl... no more pics. of your tumtum until you give us wannabes
    a heads up on how to accomplish this phenom. tummy.

  4. tell me where you got wallet and do they deliver to toronto!! love it.. your blog is cool, so im now following you! i have a new post up if you get a minute, i'd love your opinion! xx


  5. gorgeous photography!!!


  6. Instagram has really changed everything !

    That first accidental shot is awesome... and the cat and bread loafs with jam too....
    But can we add that your belly is to die for ! :)

    Much love
    The Heiress Blog

  7. I tried to pick a favourite, but actually I love all of these photos! Thank you for sharing them. x

  8. The instagram photos you take when half-asleep are better than the camera photos I take when I'm awake! ;)

  9. Wonderful pics, Cammila! Chi is a cutey!
    p.s. Speaking of cats and science geekyness, I just read a paper in Physics World about the crazy way cats use their tongues to lap up liquids.

  10. You have the funniest cat! She seems to have so much personality :)

  11. Hahaha... My dad tried wearing sunglasses while chopping onions once, but I think it made it worse. Lol... Thank god for the food processor!!



  12. I switched to a smartphone so I could use Instagram, but then my phone wasn't compatible with Instagram!


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