dressed up like a lady: Happy Birthday, Aurora Lady!

Nov 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Aurora Lady!

Hey, do you read Aurora Lady's blog? Well, why the hell not?! Aurora is  a stylish, whip smart, crazy gifted artist and writer who posts everything from punky-chic outfits, to fascinating interviews, to feats of professional styling, to gobs and gobs of her lush, clever, pop-art inspired illustrations. Oh, and today is her birthday!

One of my favorite things about this kickass lady is that everything she produces reflects her sense of exuberance. Take, for example, one of her most recent non-digital ventures: an awesome zine entitled The ______est Girl In The World! 

The mini-book compiles no small number of impressive chicks whom Aurora takes particular inspiration from, complete with a portrait and profile for each one. In addition to being a pretty effing useful directory of bloggers and other creative women to enhance one's everyday internet experience (not to mention a treat to sit and look at!), what's truly delightful about The ______est Girl In The World is that it was born out of gratitude -- which happens to be the secret to happiness. And you know what else? That feeling is contagious. 

So go check out Aurora's blog! And wish her a happy birthday while you're at it.


  1. cool post :)
    btw thank you for your support comment :)
    right now is running giveaway on my blog :) so join it!

  2. Thanks for sharing the blog :)

    And the leggings in your last picture ! <3 <3

    Much Love
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  3. happy birthday to her!
    love your pics!


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