dressed up like a lady: I Made You a Mixtape: Happy Birthday, Matt Collar!

Nov 1, 2012

I Made You a Mixtape: Happy Birthday, Matt Collar!

I made MC another mixtape for his birthday, and I thought you might like it too.  
Just click the tape above to play it! 

I made the mix on Spotify too, but many of these songs aren't available on Spotify (which figures, since I digitized many from my own analog recordings!), meaning if you don't already have the song on your harddrive, you can't play it. So I recommend using the embedded Kaseta player above. :)

Also, I must confess that MC is the romantic, poetic, wonderfully expressive one who originally gave me many of these songs in mixes and on Facebook. Like most of the Teenage Fanclub tunes -- his favorite band from college and a truly magical group.
In fact, if you can't bring yourself to listen to this whole mixtape, just play this one song posted below. It's my favorite Teenage Fanclub song, and it can reduce the both of us to tears in one listen. Not because it's sad, because it's beautiful -- beautiful to the point of hurting. Which I guess makes it poignant.

You know what it's like when you love a person so much that you feel like they were part of you before you ever met? Like you were just waiting for that person all along? Yeah, it's about that. I'm not even listening to the song as I type this, but thinking about MC and GBear is making me well up RIGHT NOW!

Heh, so just don't even tell me if you listen and don't like it. But feel free to post a heart or something if you do. ;)

Meanwhile, even though I always decorate a cassette case for MC's mixtapes, they're not actually tapes anymore -- usually they're iTunes playlists he listens to on his phone. So I ordered him an iPhone skin with the Royal Daddy crest I designed for him. :)


  1. "just don't even tell me if you listen and don't like it"

    Haha, love that.

  2. i love it...anything with more than one queen song is going to be good!! and your words are so sweet!

  3. What a nice case - custom items are the best!

  4. My son is obsessed with Queen and I love me some Kinks so we both dug this. I'm glad I get to come to a blog and see a couple in the crazy kind of love that me and the boyfriend usually get made fun of for. Viva la romance!


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