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Nov 21, 2012

Our recent pins on Pinterest...

Just so you know: yes, we're both still obsessed with Pinterest, and yes, we're both still pinning inspirational and entertaining shiz like mad. Here's a smattering of what I've been pinning lately... 

Source: io9.com via Cammila on Pinterest
Source: google.com via Cammila on Pinterest

Source: rstyle.me via Cammila on Pinterest
Source: tumblr.com via Cammila on Pinterest


Source: google.com via Cammila on Pinterest
Source: is.gd via Cammila on Pinterest

And as always, here is a glimpse of what MC has been posting lately on his popular board, 'Reminds Me of My Girl.' I've said it before, but it bears repeating: while it's always flattering for me to see the beautiful women whom apparently remind MC of me, what's even awesomer about 'Reminds Me of My Girl' is what it says about true love -- how two people in love who happen to love taking in alluring or sensual imagery, can enjoy that as an extension of their feelings for their partner, and see, in those sexy images, reflections of each other. :)

MC's own captions provided.

"Sings to the animals." 

"Sleeps in the nook."

"Wind in her hair, smile on her face." 

"Don't I know it." 

"Superhero with cat."


"Sultry in Polaroids." 


"Leggy. Happy." 

"Sexy. Funny. Singer." 

Source: snarkerati.com via Matt on Pinterest

"Jeans and bare feet." 

SJP's expression on the right.   

"Partners in crime." 

"Sings out." 

"In the summer..." 

"My muse." 



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Hope all my U.S. readers have an awesome holiday tomorrow. And everybody else just has a generally awesome day. :)  


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you two! Love the outfit inspiration.

  2. Have to follow you on pinterest !! Some lovely inspirations !!

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog


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