dressed up like a lady: A Beautiful View: Instagram Edition!

Dec 11, 2012

A Beautiful View: Instagram Edition!

Let's take a look at MC and my recent photographic shenanigans via Instagram.

 My favorite and usual dinner: POWER SALAD!! #eatyourgreens

GBear getting carried up to bed after a happy/tiring evening of Friday night family horseplay. #daddylove

One of MC's many "big, brown eyes" pics. #youdontseemestoppinghim

 View of the clocktower and Jiffy Mix mill in my hometown of Chelsea. #quaintasfuck

 MC's shot of Chi jumping onto me first thing in the morning. #ughstillinbed

Friendly visit from a neighbor cat. #makeyourselfathome

Family road trip down to Ohio to see family. #letssingsongs

 MC looking cool between sets at our epic 3 hr. gig. #hothornplayer

MC's shot of me during our 3 hour gig! He attached a quote from an enthused audience member who told him "I can't believe a girl that smokin' hot can sing like that." Ha! #believeitdudeimherhusband

Our guitarist's amazing Adam Ant guitar pick. #burundibeat

Gbear rocking some tube socks on the way to school. #shellgrowintothem

 Rocking out to Asia while baking pies. #heatofthemoment

Some of GBear's Blythes have interchangeable heads. #beafraid

 When I was little, I got pissed at the very idea of another Cammila out there somewhere. I care less now. Especially if she's a cupcake fairy. And she spells it wrong anyway! #therecanbeonlyone

GBear and I getting down during a Michael Jackson dance party. #thriller

 DAMN my husband is hot. #handsomebastard

Made some YUMMY vegan nog using coconut milk and a basic vanilla pudding recipe. Blended it with just a little ice once it reached room temperature to get it perfectly chilled. #fatcanbevegan

We hug and yell as loud as possible while the blender runs during smoothie making. #getyourwigglesout

Newly painted nails and a nice big coffee. #esseacutabove

 MC enduring a brutal takedown by Chi. #cuddleattack

A "gift bag" Gbear made for her daddy. Dig how the Hello Kitty sticker is playing a trumpet! #daddylove

 Chi, obviously posing for his new profile pic. #nicemustache

MC spotted an ornament on my parents' tree that I made in 3rd grade. #saysimstillanangel

Enjoying the mini family roadtrip we get on the way home from school. #thebestmemories

A wedding I staged between toys in my cube at work for no reason. #muppetstakemanhattanbackgroundphoto

Monday night husband/wife songwriting session. #marriedmusicians

 MC's caption "Spent a great day with family, I married the prettiest girl in the world, and the early winter air in Tiffin, OH smells really nice tonight." #lifeisthebest

Had a great dinner out with extended family, where MC's mom got the local fine dining place to make us an AWESOME 4-course vegan meal! This is what my seat looked like the whole time. :) #cuddleparty
Played with Gbear's Wonder Woman/Superman Barbie and Ken after she went to bed. #superheroesinlove

 Sweet tooled silver and stone watch made by MC's uncle (who schooled me at a game of '13'). #texascardsharks

GBear looking quite serious in a tutu, leotard, and MC's sneakers. #fierce

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  1. In all honesty, this is the first year I've ever had an actual "smart" phone connected to the innernetz. I'm kind of addicted to Instagram. And how can I resist when I've got such beautiful photographic subjects in my life?!

  2. I LOVE THESE POSTS!! sorry for shouting, i can't pick a favorite.

  3. What do you put on your power salads? Looks like greens, nuts, avocado and every other color under the rainbow?

    1. Close to it! We change it up depending on what veg is in season and all that (not that avocados are ever in season in Michigan...) but here's what's in this one:

      Lacinato kale
      Green chard
      Cucumber (skin on! that's where all the silica is)
      Red bell pepper
      Black olives
      Some homemade raw saurkraut (Kim Snyder has a super simple recipe her: http://kimberlysnyder.net/blog/2011/09/11/get-better-skin-and-more-energy-through-probiotics/)

      Our usual dressing involves:
      The juice of 1 lemon
      Splash of apple cider vinegar
      Splash of EVOO
      Tbsp nutritional yeast
      Tbsp white miso paste
      Tbsp dulse flakes
      Dash of Tumeric
      A clove of garlic if we have one

      Whiz in food processor for like 10 secs and you're done.

      We'll also eat something more dense, like homemade veggie burgers, if it's been a strenuous day, or if the salad was light on dense stuff, like the avocado or nuts.

      Hope that helps! I'm planning to do some more food/health posts after my good camera is back from the shop! :)

    2. sounds amazing! i've never done chard or kale in a smoothie, but there's a first time for everything. do you use organic greens?

    3. Yup, I do use organic greens!

      For Power Salads like the one above, I use just about any kind of greens.

      When it comes to smoothies, I stick to greens that don't have a very sharp taste, since I want to mostly just taste the fruit. So I go with spinach, chard, and lacinato kale, and save the more spicy flavored greens like arugula and collard greens for salad time. :)

  4. wow!amazing photos!love to see family moments!
    you all look so happy!

  5. awesome ... you look like a real happy little family!!! power salad. yummy.


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