dressed up like a lady: A Beautiful View...

Dec 19, 2012

A Beautiful View...

Of the container I sent Margaret some cookies in.

Of the pic of me and Margaret I *ahem* loosely based it on.
Of some Sockdreams wool over-the-knees and  Torpatoffeln red Highwood clogs.

Of a "silly face" family portrait.

Of my devistatingly handsome husband.

Of the awesomest appliance brand logo.

Of some yummy vegan banana pudding with chocolate ganache I made a while ago.
Of a happy surprise running into our friend Christy outside of Zingerman's Coffee.

Of one of GBear's dolls, which MC insists, like he does with many things, looks like me. :)
(Ironically, the eyes aren't doll-like enough to look like GBear!)

Of Chi, doing what he does best.

Of some cute/creepy dolls at a local antique shop.

Of my new name plate at work (they just got around to putting it up, so I'm posting it!)

Of my loving, funny, staggeringly knowledgeable and in all ways polite and unassuming dad.


  1. What a cute gift :).

    I have some creepy dolls like that which I got from my grandpa who got them from his mother. Timmy insists I not have them on display (because of said creepiness factor).

  2. by golly that doll does look like you - and bless matt's heart he sees only you - now that's a serious heart lock-down every, well a lot of
    women dream of nightly.


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