dressed up like a lady: Christmas highlights!

Dec 27, 2012

Christmas highlights!

The bad news is my camera is still out of commission. The good news is my warranty company is buying me a new one. While I wait for it (call it a belated Christmas gift!), here's a rundown of our holiday highlights via Instagram!
Cammila: My girl goes big. #showtime

Cammila: It snowed! #whitechristmas

MC: Making cookies and singing carols. #delicious

 MC: Chi basks in the glow of the tree. #happycat

MC: Adding ornaments. #festive

 Cammila: My mom is all smiles. #seriouslyneededthatnewteapot

 MC: Gbear goes to town on her new Spirograph #makesagoodphotofilter

MC: My rockabilly girls don new bandanas.

 MC: Captain A ornament from the in-laws poses in front of some family photos. #cleverphotography

Cammila: My man lingers attractively over his coffee. #hothusband 

 Cammila: Chi keeps it casual. #relaxdude

 MC: Capturing the tree's glow in our Maxfield Parish print. #magic

 Cammila: My niece Mirren delivers an important message from Superman on her new white board. #PSA

 Cammila: Girls. #girlsbeinggirls

 Cammila: Family gifting fun. #gadgets

 Cammila: Stockings hung, cookies placed, Night Before Christmas read. #christmaseve

 MC: Preparing for a long winter's nap...with my hot wife. #xmaseve

 Cammila: The spoils! #christmasmorning

 Cammila: Found Gbear some superhero Polly Pockets! #woah

 Cammila: The price we pay for granting Gbear access to our own "childhood favorites" DVDs is when Christmas comes, she asks for vintage merch we have to hunt down on ebay. #nostalgia

 Cammila: MC got me this beautiful Konstglas bear! #swedesforthewin

 Cammila: MC also got Gbear and I each a locket with a scene from Bella's Glorious Adventure (best Swedish folktale ever), where "She kissed the bear on the nose." #swedesforthewin #bearsforthewin

MC: Goofing around on winter break. #silliness

 Cammila: Storytime. #daddylove

MC: Vegan Christmas crepes with cashew cream! #yum

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  1. Looks like you all had a great Christmas! :) :) :)

  2. You have the most beautiful pelerine!Or do you say capes?
    Anyway, Merry Christmas!

    1. Heehee! Yes, I think we'd say cape. And thank you! :D

  3. where did you get this pink tree? it's great!

    1. Thanks! We ordered it online, I'll dig up the store and post a link!

  4. i love the pics sweetie!you all look so happy!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Thanks for the pics, looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Here is wishing you and your a safe and Happy New Year!

  6. Swedes for the win indeed! My boyfriends parents have these teeny dala horses that I die over every time we go over to visit.


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