dressed up like a lady: Lumberjill.

Dec 3, 2012


Low-level puns aside, I've never felt the particular need to gender-qualify titles to fit me when I'm describing, joking, pretending, or speaking hypothetically about myself. I'm a woman. I can still be a lumberjack, a cowboy, a rock god, a fireman, a craftsman, a chairman, or the king of the effing mountain  

They're just words. They don't exclude my gender if I don't decide they do.

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 Plaid flannel shirt: MC's
Ankle booties: Juicy Couture
Wet-look leggings: BDG
Purse: Vintage via the Getup

All language is mostly comprised of words and phrases whose meanings have changed over time. Insisting a word doesn't apply to you because you don't identify with its original meaning is pointless -- what matters is what the word means now. Do you ever describe yourself as a "geek"? The original usage of that word meant "sideshow freak." Over time, the way people used the word changed, to the point where it now simply means to un-self-consceously enthuse about something. But if you don't feel the need to qualify the word "geek" by saying something like "I'm totally geeking out about this, but in a non-circus freakshow way," then you don't need to call your handwriting your "penswomanship."  

The definitions of words are determined by the way people use them. That dictates the dictionary definition -- not the other way around. So the "man" at the end of a job title can just mean "person," if that's the way we decide to use the word.  

Hey, are you nerdy enough that you've ever watched Star Trek Next Gen? You ever notice how in the kickass, borderline utopian future, male and female Star Fleet officers alike are both addressed as "sir"? That's because with real gender equality, you don't need to differentiate between a man or woman who's doing the same job. A word only implies gender if you decide it does.

And for the record, I'm also a vegetarian and I have no problem talking about the "meat" of the issue. In a Star Trek future where nobody kills animals for food, people who use that phrase will be explaining its long-lost etymology as a conversation starter. ;)


  1. Awesome look and post title, darling!
    These pics are so fun!
    And helllloooooo amazing long legs!


  2. love your leather leggings and the shirt!
    i'm gonna agree with you!

  3. "I'm a woman. I can still be a lumberjack, a cowboy, a rock god, a fireman, a craftsman, a chairman, or the king of the effing mountain."


    I used to intern for Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack, which was THE clunkiest name ever to say over the phone. I decided that if I ever ran for office. . . I would definitely stick to congressman or an assmbleyman.

  4. Your flushed cheeks look lovely with that outfit !!

    And your thoughts on the meaning of the various words we throw around really made us think ! You are a gem of a thinker !

    Much love
    The Heiress Blog

  5. Me encanta este look¡¡

  6. adore this outfit for thrifting escapades, going to the movies
    and just hanging 'round the house - must recreate, 'cept i'll prob. wear
    the shirt open with a tank underneath. the bag is majorally priceless.

    boxing and labeling humans suck, but some people can't function
    without squishing people into assigned boxes.


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