dressed up like a lady: April 2012

Apr 30, 2012

A "picture dump" of one.

I had a ton of fun this weekend selling vintage duds at our local marketplace, but I wish I'd gotten more pictures! MC snapped this one while I was in the middle of setting up, and the camera promptly died. I think it's time to invest in that back-up battery charger. ;)

How was your weekend?

Apr 27, 2012

Dressed Up Like a Lady: Vintage Fashions at Mix Marketplace This Weekend!

I've been so busy getting all my vintage clothes and accessories ready to sell at Ypsilanti's own Mix Marketplace today, I didn't have time to make a post. So Chi volunteered to post for me. 

I'll be there, along with many other awesome Ypsi-ites, selling all manner of awesome, local, stylish, and handmade goods. There'll even be yummy food from Bona Sera, and a band playing live music at the party! Come on down today (Friday) from 5-9 and Saturday from 12-5.

Apr 26, 2012

Festival season.

First order of business! I'll be selling some positively gorgeous vintage clothes at Ypsilanti's own Mix Marketplace this Friday from 5-9 and Saturday from 12-5! 

 Local readers should stop by for the party -- there will be tons of local vendors peddling vintage and handmade goods, not to mention yummy food from Bona Sera, a band playing live music, and the awesomest folks in town mingling and having fun!  

Loverboy/Foreigner/Joan Jett concert jersey: Vintage via the Getup
Cardi: Thrifted
Full skirt: Vintage via the Getup 
Shoes: liz claiborn via TJ Maxx
Bag: Thrifted

I've gotta be honest, I would TOTALLY go to the concert described on this shirt. Foreigner, Loverboy, Blue Oyster Cult, AND Joan Jett and the Blackhearts in 1982? I'm sure it was unfathomably awesome. And in my mind, the whole show was like the movie Wet Hot American Summer. 

Apr 25, 2012

My recent pins on Pinterest...

Before I get on with the business of today's post: I was interviewed by awesome and beautiful new mom KC, of Ric Rac Heart Attack today! Click here to read it!

Okay, moving right along, here's a sample of what I've been pinning recently over on Pinterest!

Source: nastygal.com via Cammila on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Cammila on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Cammila on Pinterest

And of course, I can't do a Pinterest recap without offering a few examples from my favorite of MC's boards, Reminds Me of My Girl, which is comprised of pictures that remind him of me (if you can believe it -- which I sometimes can't!) MC's own captions provided.  :)

"Who's your tiger?" 

"Junior high Cammila." 

"My Valkyrie." 

"Rocks the mic." 
Source: snk-capcom.com via Matt on Pinterest


"Summer glamor Cammila." 
Source: thatgirlstylellp.com via Matt on Pinterest-

"Because as he dreamt, I shall save his life with an arrow, an arrow of my love for him." 

"Resident badass." 
Source: google.com via Matt on Pinterest

"Talks to animals." 

"Would wear no pants in space." 

"Pin-up Engine Room Utility Belt Glamour Girl! Always Looking Hot and Fixing Things." 


"I know that look." 
Now don't get it into your head that I  take these kinds of comparisons for granted, or even necessarily think I'm worthy of them! That's neither here nor there, really. As usual with this blog, I like to share this stuff because it goes to the beauty of true love -- where two people who are enraptured or excited by sensual or alluring images of other people can see in them, reflections of each other. That's just something I find fascinating and delightful (and not just because I'm on the giving and receiving ends of it!), and if you like to visit this blog, then hopefully you feel the same. 

Apr 24, 2012

Wedding Antiquing Trip

This past weekend, MC and I took a trip with my beloved soon-to-be sister in-law Alessandra to Mason, a tiny little community with a great big Antiques District, about 35 miles outside the farming town I grew up in. Our goal was to scour the place for the cheapest, cutest vintage cups and plates, so that everybody at our post-wedding party can eat and drink in kitschy style. Well 6 hours of hunting later, we may have met our entire goal in ONE DAY! 

This is just a tiny sample of everything we picked up!

We also found some other miscellaneous items that will come in handy by way of decorations and favors....

Oh, and MC picked up this. He also doctored it, if you can't tell...

I even scored yet another vintage Heinlein novel that was missing from my nerdy collection. It was a really awesome day. As if it wasn't enough spending 6 hours together antiquing, plus hanging with GBear and my mom, dad, and aunt before and after, we even took the half-pint over to Alessandra's house afterward to talk some more and let the kids play. All told, we spent the whole dang day together, and it made me feel like nothing less than the luckiest girl on Earth. :)

Apr 23, 2012

Your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

Tank: American Apparel
Tights: Hue
Faux leather moto jacket: BB Dakota
Boots: Juicy Couture
Sunglasses: Thrifted

Apr 20, 2012

More blasts from the past.

You know how some things make you cringe with embarrassment? Well, do somethings also kind of make you giddy with embarrassment? Where you feel silly and dumb but in a way that's kind of gleeful and awesome? I feel like this is my reaction to most of my own ridiculousness. When I fall down or say something idiotic or dig up pictures of my pre-teen fashion mishaps, I rarely seem to have the normal human reaction of wanting to curl up and hide, but rather I suffer the impulse to excitedly point and laugh at myself with beet-red delight, as if to say "Iknowright? Just look at me!" Something in my brain just ain't wired right. But I'm willing to bet it's more fun this way.

Anyway, that's a long way of explaining that I dug up a handful of truly awkward looking pictures of myself from ages 11 and 12, and they're just too insane for me not to show you.

My grandma came back from Arizona one year with this gift for me. I don't remember wearing it again, but I don't appear displeased...

Pink tie dye. Matches the Pepto over on the counter...

Me and my brother John while he was in the 82nd Airborne. I'm wearing his fatigues, and did so constantly.

Good God, I don't even know what to say.

With my mom and my grandma at Thanksgiving. Dig our acid trip wallpaper.

 With my BFF Meredith, having apparently lost control of ourselves during an art project. I am totally one-strapping those overalls LIKE A BOSS.

Maybe it was all those early TLC videos....