dressed up like a lady: June 2012

Jun 29, 2012

Orange you glad (that the winner is....)

Maxi dress: Local antique shop
Sandals: Vintage via the Getup
Bag: Thrifted
Aviators: Kenneth Kole via TJ Maxx

Chi looks impatient. Probably wants me to announce the winner of Wednesday's giveaway...

Okay, the winner of the silver and petrified oak earrings from B Mila is.... 

Congratulations, allikally, you're the winner! Please email me at the address listed in the Contact box on the left, and I'll forward your info to the folks at B Mila who will send you your earrings! :)

I must say, there were some particularly awesome responses to the question of your favorite fairy tale. I love how everyone had such perfect reasons that a particular story resonates with them. And there were some kickass, left-of-center picks too -- Erica suggested the heartbreaking and beautiful Legend of Sleeping Bear, which all Michiganders are familiar with, Lisa  loves The Old Woman in the Wood, Lenora Jane digs some crazy Hans Christian Andersen story called The Wild Swans, Aimee loves Water Babies (Which I do too!!! Still have two well loved copies from childhood!), and our winner picked a Scottish fairy tale called The Light Princess. And obviously that's just a handful. Will any of you mind if I post about fairy tales some more next week, with some of your awesome insights? Keep telling me what you love about your favorite ones and link me up! I'll credit ya'll, you know I'm good for it.

Additionally, my soon-to-be sister in law Alessandra is a fan of this COMPLETELY BONKERS 1975 animated version of The Little Mermaid. Watch this awesomeness as you sail toward the weekend, and await the next giveaway, which will be very soon. :)

Oh, and my favorite fairy tale is Legend of Psyche. I'll tell you all about it next week, when you tell me more about why you love your own favorite. :)

Jun 28, 2012

Invitation time!

Holy envelope stuffing, Batman! So what do you think of our invites? We based them on a 70's paperback Harlequin Romance we found at a garage sale that was originally called "The Dark Warrior," (?) and featured a swank Benz pulling in the driveway. We changed it to a Trans Am. Obviously.

This shit is real. Now we just have to send them to our actual guests.

P.S. You've still got time to enter my giveaway for those B Mila earrings. Hurry!

Jun 27, 2012

Giveaway: B Mila

I  reviewed a beautiful ring from B Mila yesterday, and as promised, today I'm hosting a giveaway from the very same shop. I chose these silver, resin, and petrified oak earrings for this giveaway, because they exemplify what I love about B Mila's jewelry selection: they're bold and modern, but also earthy and even mystical.

These earrings retail for about $70, and they're composed of silver, a lush, red resin, and petrified oak. Much like amber, which I wrote about yesterday, petrified oak is wood that has been compressed under water over thousands of years to become what looks and feels like stone. It's pretty incredible to imagine wearing tiny pieces of an ancient forest, like something from a fairy tale.

To enter the giveaway, simply comment on this post any time between now and Friday at midnight EST and tell me what your favorite fairy tale is. I'm afraid this giveaway is available for U.S. residents only, but it is open to anonymous comments, as long as you provide a name, nickname, or email, so you can be identified if you win. I'll draw a winner via random number and announce it on Friday morning. Good luck!

P.S. If these posts have put you in the mood for naturalistic and inspired artisan jewelry, you could always go over to B Mila and buy something at 20% off using the promo code OPEN20. ;)

Jun 26, 2012

The Collars Love: B Mila

I get solicitations for sponsored content every week, but I rarely ever act on any of them, because it's my policy to only post material from shops and merchants that actually please me, and that I think would please my readers too! So bearing all that in mind, you can probably guess how excited I am to post about this gorgeous ring from my newest sponsor, B Mila. Excited because, to put it simply: I LOVE IT. 

B Mila imports various beautiful accessories and clothes from Europe, but one of the shop's main focuses is on gorgeous artisan jewelry, everything from gold to silver, with a particularly amazing selection of natural amber. That's what you're looking at on this beautiful sterling silver ring -- each of the stripes in this rainbow are different shades of real amber! Did you even know that amber comes in other shades than gold? Because I didn't, and it blows my mind!! 

To think that each of the stripes in this rainbow is made from thousands-of-years old plant resin, which spent millennia crystallizing into what I now wear on my finger is incredible to me. 

Additionally, I am VERY pleased to tell you that this ring is gorgeously crafted. There are no messy creases in the silver, or poorly molded design elements to make it any less than totally comfortable. It's smooth and perfect, and it fits wonderfully. The weight is distributed symmetrically (an important quality in a ring), so it doesn't tug or fall in odd directions. And as you can see, the color and quality of the silver and amber are both excellent.

So needless to say, I have no problem whatsoever placing my B Mila ad at the top of the page, because I 100% endorse this shop! In fact, I love it so much that I'll be posting a giveaway tomorrow! So stay tuned. :)

Jun 25, 2012

New at my Etsy shop...

Hey guess what! I got myself an Etsy shop. :)

I've got my first chunk of listings up and much more to come very soon. You can always click the brand new button on the upper left to check out what's in stock.

Jun 22, 2012


Do you ever excitedly pick up some new article of clothing out of what feels like impulsive inspiration, only to discover later that you are copying something or someone, but totally forgot about it? I think that's what happened to me with this floral bustier top. I'm totally aping Liv Tyler in this picture from like 1993.

Floral crop top: Asos
Denim high waisted skirt: BDG
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Sunglasses: Target
Purse: Coach, mom's

Have a great weekend, guys!

Jun 21, 2012

Careful what you wish for.

You've heard me talk about how much I LOVE the extreme, scorching heat of a Michigan summer. But I must admit, when it gets up to 95F/35C every day with 100% humidity, we Midwesterners do start to dress a little oddly after a few days. If you were to walk into the house, this week, you'd likely find MC and I hanging out in our bathing suits. Not by any kind of pool, mind you, just hanging out in the living room in our swimsuits. Because they cover as little of your body as possible! 

MC found me laying on the floor like this, and captured it on my phone.

Jun 20, 2012

The wisdom of Abed.

I'm a busy B today. Take that however you will. So here's a little mini post, with one of my favorite insights from Abed on Community. This is a tidbit of wisdom that couldn't be more true. Remember it the next time you watch some silly, pathetic person reveal all their insecurities by pointlessly digging in their heels.

P.S. You should watch Community.

Jun 19, 2012


Tank: Long awaited gift (see story below)
High waisted flares: Victoria's Secret
Scarf: Target
Clogs: Torpatoffeln (mine are used from Ebay, but many people get them from Lotta from Stockholm) 
Hat, bag: Local antique shop

While it's true that I received this "U2 - One" t-shirt when it was already in this state of decay, does it count for anything that it was still authentically shredded by age, not by workers in an Urban Outfitters factory or something? This tee belonged to my high school friend Chris House, though I never actually saw it while we were in school. He heard that I liked U2, and told me that somewhere, buried in storage in his parents' house, was this shirt, with an artistic shot of the buffalo from the video for the song, and the word "one" in a variety of languages written on the back; that it was old and decrepit, but if he ever found it, I could have it. 

Years and years after graduating, long after we'd grown up, and Chris was busy being married and having kids and being awesome, he apparently discovered the long hidden shirt. So he actually delivered it to my parents' house, since they still lived in our hometown. I reconfigured it as a tank top, and at some point, I'll probably have to reinforce the parts that are separating, because this thing is living forever. ;)

Do you have any items in your wardrobe with a cool story behind them?

Jun 18, 2012

Just like the white winged dove

All day, people kept telling me this outfit looks like something worn by Stevie Nicks. In fairness, wearing a flowy dress with aviators does, in retrospect, seem like a choice made by somebody on cocaine. Of course, most of what I know about both Stevie Nicks and cocaine is based on a VH1 Behind the Music from like 1997. 

Regardless, I love the shit out of Stevie Nicks -- both fashion and music-wise. So it was totally a compliment.

70's Maxi dress: Vintage via the Getup
Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm
Jewelry: Thrifted

But did Stevie Nicks have a devastatingly handsome photographer, who orchestrates inspired photo shoots with his girl AND carries the coffee? ;)