dressed up like a lady: December 2012

Dec 27, 2012

Christmas highlights!

The bad news is my camera is still out of commission. The good news is my warranty company is buying me a new one. While I wait for it (call it a belated Christmas gift!), here's a rundown of our holiday highlights via Instagram!
Cammila: My girl goes big. #showtime

Cammila: It snowed! #whitechristmas

MC: Making cookies and singing carols. #delicious

 MC: Chi basks in the glow of the tree. #happycat

MC: Adding ornaments. #festive

 Cammila: My mom is all smiles. #seriouslyneededthatnewteapot

 MC: Gbear goes to town on her new Spirograph #makesagoodphotofilter

MC: My rockabilly girls don new bandanas.

 MC: Captain A ornament from the in-laws poses in front of some family photos. #cleverphotography

Cammila: My man lingers attractively over his coffee. #hothusband 

 Cammila: Chi keeps it casual. #relaxdude

 MC: Capturing the tree's glow in our Maxfield Parish print. #magic

 Cammila: My niece Mirren delivers an important message from Superman on her new white board. #PSA

 Cammila: Girls. #girlsbeinggirls

 Cammila: Family gifting fun. #gadgets

 Cammila: Stockings hung, cookies placed, Night Before Christmas read. #christmaseve

 MC: Preparing for a long winter's nap...with my hot wife. #xmaseve

 Cammila: The spoils! #christmasmorning

 Cammila: Found Gbear some superhero Polly Pockets! #woah

 Cammila: The price we pay for granting Gbear access to our own "childhood favorites" DVDs is when Christmas comes, she asks for vintage merch we have to hunt down on ebay. #nostalgia

 Cammila: MC got me this beautiful Konstglas bear! #swedesforthewin

 Cammila: MC also got Gbear and I each a locket with a scene from Bella's Glorious Adventure (best Swedish folktale ever), where "She kissed the bear on the nose." #swedesforthewin #bearsforthewin

MC: Goofing around on winter break. #silliness

 Cammila: Storytime. #daddylove

MC: Vegan Christmas crepes with cashew cream! #yum

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Dec 20, 2012

Happy Holidays!

We painted our living room just in time to put up our tree and snap some Christmas card photos. This time last year, Cammila and I were in the final stretch of closing on our house, and the card I made for her envisioned us next year, finally relaxing, hopefully beneath the glow of a pink, tinsel Christmas tree -- which as you can see, we found! So far, despite and in some ways because of recent events in the world, our hearts are more full of gratitude than ever. Here's wishing love and happiness to all of you.

Dec 19, 2012

A Beautiful View...

Of the container I sent Margaret some cookies in.

Of the pic of me and Margaret I *ahem* loosely based it on.
Of some Sockdreams wool over-the-knees and  Torpatoffeln red Highwood clogs.

Of a "silly face" family portrait.

Of my devistatingly handsome husband.

Of the awesomest appliance brand logo.

Of some yummy vegan banana pudding with chocolate ganache I made a while ago.
Of a happy surprise running into our friend Christy outside of Zingerman's Coffee.

Of one of GBear's dolls, which MC insists, like he does with many things, looks like me. :)
(Ironically, the eyes aren't doll-like enough to look like GBear!)

Of Chi, doing what he does best.

Of some cute/creepy dolls at a local antique shop.

Of my new name plate at work (they just got around to putting it up, so I'm posting it!)

Of my loving, funny, staggeringly knowledgeable and in all ways polite and unassuming dad.

Dec 17, 2012

Borrowed button and shirt.

Flannel shirt: MC's
'I Love You' Button: MC's, probably via a middle/high school GF (thanks, Christa or Debbie! I took loving care of it!)
Pin-up shorts: OASAP
Shoes: Steve Madden
Hat: Christy's
Scarf: Target


Dec 14, 2012

Manic Pixie Dream Bitches - The Video!

It seems like every time I post about something film related on here, it ends up being a week where we need somebody to shoot a new video for work. OH GEE, TWIST MY ARM!!! ;)


Basing this video more on the concept and less on the clothes gave me the opportunity to bring in characters I hadn't talked about before, from movies like 500 Days of Summer and High Fidelity!

So hopefully it's a fun video to watch. :)

Dec 12, 2012

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Hall of Fame: Holly Golightly

Don't kill me for saying this, but as  much as I will love Breakfast at Tiffany's until the day I die, you can't deny that Holly Golightly is 100% Manic Pixie. She's lively and impulsive, she's carefree and creative, and though I loathe to call out possibly the most beloved screen figure of the 20th century, she exists almost entirely to brighten up the life of stifled, semi-depressed sensitive-guy who lives in her building.

But it's a bit of a conundrum. Holly is an undeniable MPDG, and yet the film remains delightful, sweet, and endlessly captivating. This is mostly through the immortal charm of Audrey Hepburn's endearing performance, but it doesn't hurt that the movie was made way back in the 1960's with a dreamy score by Henry Mancini, allowing us to attribute its lack of naturalism to the romance of stylized Old Hollywood.

So put down your shotgun and calm down -- I'm not faulting anyone for loving Breakfast at Tiffany's, including myself! But since we've accepted that the movie is brilliant and lovely and the ending makes us cry, can we please acknowledge that Holly Golightly does, nonetheless, have all the worst trappings of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl? 

Eccentrically stylish:

Indomitably effervescent:  

Has drinking problem:

Sings wistfully when innocently thinks she is alone:

Has obvious eating disorder:

Is really a frail, pained creature beneath her chipper facade:

This is where the problems with her character get murky. Having already established that we love Holly in spite of or possibly because of the flaws in how her character was written, we've also gotta recognize that she showcases the worst possible variety of Manic Pixie Dream Girl: The Beautifully Troubled kind. Between the "Mean Reds," the overwrought pursuit of financial independence through gold digging, the crying in the rain, and the part where Jed Clampett shows up as the 50 year old dude who date-raped/married her when she was 13, and then implies she was like, abused or something by her own parents -- this movie romanticizes trauma like it's going out of style.

If the average MPDG is sort of problematic for being a 2-dimensional, overly idealized caricature who has no real problems, then the Beautifully Troubled MPDG is even more problematic for being a 2-dimensional, overly idealized caricature who has lots of problems -- all of which only manifest in ways that make her endearing and in need of an unrealistically simple rescue by the male lead. As usual, the MPDG's journey is only relevant as it relates to the man's path to self actualization. Her problems are there to make her a more romantic character, and so the dude can fix them.

Every teenage or 20 something girl who has clumsily cultivated a selective air of melancholy when she wants attention from a boy has this movie to thank for inspiration. Breakfast at Tiffany's totally encourages that whole embarrassing "Everybody else's girl/Maybe one day she'll be her own," bullshit culture of loving yourself by pretending to hate yourself. (P.S., if you use this indulgently whiny quote to describe yourself, it does not apply to you.) And guys aren't exempt from this mentality either. Just as often as chicks succumb to Holly's "Save me, I'm a wounded bird,"Damsel Fantasy, dudes succumb to the "Only I can save the wounded bird," Hero Fantasy.
(Comedy Fans: this mindset has had hilarious shoutouts on Parks and Rec and 30 Rock.) 

It's kind of amazing how a film so eternally engaging and pleasurable to watch is so guilty of reductive storytelling and emotional pandering with its leading lady. Though for the record, director Blake Edwards has a weirdly consistent habit of portraying the women in his comedies as smokin' hot, batshit crazy dames, who often turn a guy's life upside down (See: Blind Date, Days of Wine and Roses, Skin Deep, Justin Case, 10) As with all Manic Pixie Dream Girls, you're sort of supposed to fall in love with Holly Golightly, so long as you have disengaged the critical thinking portion of your brain.

MC had a wicked crush on Holly Golightly when he was like 13. Trust the sensitive, musician kid to have a Breakfast at Tiffany's poster hanging up next to his Detroit Tigers pennant. Of course, when you're 13, you barely even know you have a critical eye when it comes to viewing movies, let alone when a movie particularly taps into the hero complex that I think a lot of "nice boys" grapple with -- the pressure to be a good guy, who's not a rat, like all the other guys. Have you ever watched Arrested Development? I know I overuse pop culture references, but Michael Bluth is a total comedic send-up of this phenomenon. His character is like 35 years old, but when Julia Louis Dryfuss pretends to be blind (And, uh, pregnant. It's a complicated storyline), he can't stop himself from saying he'll stay with her just to be a good guy. It's played for comedy on the show, but even in real life, it really can take us well into adulthood to shake some of these seemingly benign illusions -- ones that in this case, have been encouraged by pervasive elements in popular fiction. Like learning there's nothing magical or good about unconsciously picking partners with issues just so you can prove how much better you are than the people who let them down in the past. 

When I asked MC for a contribution to this post, this is what he offered:

"That sensitive-hero thing is the fantasy that Holly Golightly plays into as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. And hopefully, most people see it as just that - a fantasy. But for a certain subset of people, it might be a slight surprise to learn that in real life, a  person who's haunted by the demons of bad experiences doesn't just need a nice boyfriend to make it all better -- they need therapy, and real support from someone they're actually compatible with.
In the movie, all Holly and Paul really have in common is that he wants to be needed and she is a person in need. But in real life, this dynamic offers you zero in terms of actually having good chemistry as a couple. And a girl with problems like Holly's is more likely to pick fights, withhold affection, cheat, abuse various substances, and generally be a miserable person to live with. Not to mention that a person like Paul is likely to become frustrated and ineffectual and equally miserable to be around. That's because dating someone because of your personal projections doesn't do either person any favors. It's narcissistic for both parties.
The beauty of Breakfast at Tiffany's is that it's so sweetly told and wonderfully acted that I can rewatch it with Cammila and love every charming, romantic minute of it. But I'm not really bewitched by Holly Golightly anymore. At least not the part of her that's so defined by deprivation and frailty. I think my crush on her whole fragile bird, unattractively thin, "save me from myself," climbing into a stranger's window at night JUST BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO BE HELD (written specifically for an overly romantic 13 year old?) image was  just my mixed up attraction to weakness. Everybody has their issues and imperfections, but generally speaking, as a grown man, I'm much more viscerally attracted to vitality, positivity, confidence and strength.
Although I will add that I'm more attracted to Holly's exuberance than everGo figure." -MC