dressed up like a lady: Cammila and MC's Wedding: The moments before...

Jan 28, 2013

Cammila and MC's Wedding: The moments before...

Oh baby, it's wedding photo week! !

Our friend and photographer Nicole Ladonne and her amazing assistant Allison Porta took on the task of shooting our wedding at, shall we say, a very friendly price, barely an instant before they were both moving to London for six months, and Nicole was planning another more permanent move across the country after that! MC and I were so incredibly blessed to have had such gifted people taking these pictures, especially considering that these women both had plenty already on their plates  

As we prepared for the big day, our messy, unpainted house was ablaze with chattering women (and a few happy, albeit quieter dudes) as family and friends ran around prettying themselves and each other. I was standing in the bathroom attaching false eyelashes in denim shorts and a child's Van Halen t-shirt when the beautiful and extremely calm-and-in-control Nicole and Allison showed up with cameras in hand, and then proceeded -- as they would for the entire day and night -- to deftly move around the ruckus, expertly capturing and gracefully creating beautiful moments like these...

My sis-in-law Alessandra helped me get my eyeliner straight.

Our flower girls GBear and Maddie were super duper patient, as ladies like my sis-in-law Melodie and niece Emily got dolled up.

Margaret (my BFF and Blade of Honor -- because she ran my wedding like an effing ninja) and my mom helped me make sure my veil and head were both on straight.

Over at the Corner Brewery, the bustle continued. MC and I had already gone over there earlier to decorate, and our hardcore BFFs stayed long after we ran off to get dressed, where they continued to put up banners and fill vintage brickabrack with flowers and old-timey candy. As soon as we arrived, my awesome bridesmaids (mostly ages 11-14, which is the perfect age for a bridesmaid, btw) stashed me in the bathroom to make sure MC didn't see me, while guests got settled, friends and family mingled, and we waited for the ceremony to begin.

Our beloved friend and wedding officiant Anya was extremely pregnant. But just FYI, she glows like that anyway.

Our groomsmen: casual men of action.

And then...we did it! 

Stay tuned to see pics of the ceremony! I'll also be posting about the reception, where the bride and groom were happy to join there own band on stage, the DiY decorations and how we put them together, the delicious vegan cakes and the gorgeous gal who made them, and of course, the wonderful people who made our wedding rock so effing hard, like our amazing wedding party, my hardcore Blade of Honor, our beautiful officiant, and more. :)


  1. I love the snap of you going down the stairs with your platform shoes in hand. What a shot! What shoes! All of these are so gorgeous; what perfect pictures to remember your big day.

  2. I love, love, loooove these pictures. And I should mention earlier that your shoes were f*cking amazing (as well as everything else!).

  3. that back shot of you is stunning!!! and the unexpected velvet platforms are wicked!
    wishing you a great life with your hubby :-)


  4. Your wedding looks so lovely, and you so beautiful! What great photography!

  5. My favorite is the closeup of you with Margaret in the background; you are glowing!

  6. The shot of G Bear all wrapped up in the tulle of your dress is priceless.
    Gorgeous wedding. I love reading about you and Matt and your beautiful love story.

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