dressed up like a lady: Friday inspiration.

Jan 25, 2013

Friday inspiration.

Here's a look at what Cammila and I have been pinning lately on Pinterest.

And as always, here is a glimpse of my surprisingly popular board, 'Reminds Me of My Girl.'  

Admittedly, a lot of what I pin here is inspired by how Cammila looks to me. So, you may see more than a few Cammila-alikes. But I also pin images that remind me of her in other ways, ways she might act or make me feel or even ideals that, in my mind, she embodies. What is kind of awesome and pleasing to me is that now that I've been keeping this board up for awhile, whenever I take a step back and let my eyes take in all the images I've collected at once, it really does remind me of Cammila and all of the many varied, wonderful, sexy, funny, smart and inspiring characteristics I see in her.

My own captions provided:

Limber. Stylish. Very, very at ease.

Nordic warrior goddess. Would totally ride a polar bear.               Vivacious; hot; can sing your balls off.

 All of the above.                                          Looks hot in my clothes.

Alive. Open. In the moment.                                     Weird, magical girl.

Goddess. Both kinky and domestic.                       Enduring love. And silliness.

Makes this exact expression. Also makes great coffee.

 Focused. Effortlessly sexy. Well read.                      Comfortable in her own skin.

Perfect woman made with science/magic. Smarter than me.                                           Cut cheekbones.

Winds me up!

                              Loves behs.                                          Taught midsection. Knowing look.

A Helmut Newton photo come to life.

"I was four when I met father’s new wife, and she made a fundamental impression on me; she seemed to stir all my senses at once. Though only five-six, she truly seemed bigger than life, a quality that can accrue to a person whose image is projected at thirty-two times life size. (Not every movie star had it, though my father did, too.) But like Dad, Ava was also gentle and accessible to children; she immediately knelt down to my level. I have never forgotten that gesture. When people talk about a natural beauty, I think of Ava, who had no use or need for coiffing or makeup. Her tousled brown hair was loose and soft. She had a long neck, and seemed freshly scrubbed, casual but impeccable. That first time she was wearing a shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a skirt that was softly gathered up, perfect for twirling. And I remember that she smelled of gardenias, and that she was barefoot—and soon Nancy and I were barefoot, too. Looking back, it was the first time I saw simplicity perfected.
" — Tina Sinatra on Ava Gardner

You can check out my Pinterest boards here, and Cammila's here.


  1. It never ceases to blow my mind that you see me this way, baby. I endeavor to deserve your comparisons. ♥

  2. I love Reminds Me of My Girl! It is so cute and also just good beauty and fashion inspiration! ;-)


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