dressed up like a lady: I deeply, deeply relate to Leslie and Ben.

Jan 15, 2013

I deeply, deeply relate to Leslie and Ben.

Do you watch Parks and Rec? Because no. 1: that show is effing hilarious, and 2: I feel MC and I share an uncanny connection to Ben and Leslie as a couple... 


And not just when Leslie is unabashedly expressing delight at Ben's perfectly compact body. The mushy moments feel extremely familiar too!


This one looks so much like the way MC slides in on me, it's almost frightening:

Ben and MC also are apparently moved to say disturbingly similar things at the moment of a marriage proposal. ;)

P.S. As MC has pointed out (as well as reader/pal Amanda in the comments section) I do proudly identify with the hyperactive and relentlessly positive Leslie as well! Who wouldn't?!

 However, we differ in one crucial area!:



  1. I LOVE Parks and Rec! It's crazy cause Ben and Leslie always remind me of my boyfriend and I as well. But honestly, what would a relationship be without being goofy and weird 95% of the time?

  2. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_md7bj556nZ1r9mxlto1_250.gif

    1. My response:


  3. Girl you are so much like Leslie and I know MC will back me up on that. You are so full of energy and you never feel defeated by ANYTHING! Not to mention you are kind of geeky but in the best way possible. :-)

  4. This is too cute! It reminded me of my boyfriend too. :D


  5. Oh my gosh! I've never seen it but I will have to start watching because I literally laughed out loud reading this post. If you don't already, please start refering to MC as "sexy elf king" bahaha!

    1. DO IT!!! You can actually skip the first season and start with season 2 (imho). It's kind of like The Office that way; the first season is only 6 episodes, and it's not nearly as funny and amazing as the stride they hit by the start of the second. Which is bananas.

  6. Such a cool post ! And so nice and brave of you to let all of us know of the sweet chemistry between you two ! Lots of good wishes for you and MC !

    I just started my new blog and following your on bloglovin ! :) Though we are already connected on facebook!

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