dressed up like a lady: Lambada!

Jan 23, 2013


There are bonkers movies out there, where the filmmaker eschews taste for insanity and the result is delightfully weird. Then there are movies like Lambada: completely earnest and even more insane.

Okay, it's mostly just amazing 1990 clothes, ridiculous dance sequences, and Jan from the American version of The Office playing a Beverly Hills high schooler who stole my haircut. Thanks to our awesome friends the Buchanans, MC and I started watching this crazy movie on Netflix last night and got totally sucked in. But as Margaret discovered, the entire movie is also on Youtube.

I'll walk you through it.

Sandy is pissed at her boyfriend because he looks like Adam Sandler's blonde little brother and cheated on her with some girl at an ice cream parlor.

She develops a crush on her math teacher, Mr. Laird, because he's smart and has a rakish Rich Man's Mullet.

Which I guess is part of the teacher's dress code at her school.

One night, she goes out to a Latin club in East L.A. where inner city youths dance a vaguely ethnic sexual pantomime called the Lambada, and sees none other than Mr. Laird there, bumping and grinding.

Sandy is way turned on by Mr. Laird's display of sensual prowess on the dancefloor, but it turns out his real reason for going there is to help teach a group of club regulars about math and stuff so they can all pass their GED!

Mr. Laird is actually married -- to a lady who is really annoying, probably because she has nothing to do all day but applique vests and rearrange the baskets on their wall.

But that doesn't stop Sandy from getting tarted up a few different times and heading out to the club in the hopes of getting freaked by her hot teacher. 

Or from acting like a total sexpot in his class, which includes having a crazy dance-sequence/motorcycle-beefcake-fantasy about him during a lecture.

There's also a random, fully choreographed dance sequence in the school's computer lab.

These screencaps could never do it justice, so you should probably just watch it.

Anyway, Sandy eventually figures out that helping some kids get their GED is more important than trying to have sex with her teacher, and somehow the movie ends with the inner city kids beating the Beverly Hills students in a Billy Madison style academic decathlon.


Seriously, we're hardened shitty-movie watchers, and this movie had us laughing out loud. And kind of amazed at how this is the exact moment in fashion that's super popular right at this very minute. Possibly minus the visible thongs. 

P.S. Margaret, being the comedy god among insects that she is, made some truly amazing gifs with some particularly golden Lambada moments. Enjoy!


  1. Sandy has SO much familiar Cammilatude!


  2. Haha the whole way through i kept thinking "Jan from the office, Jan from the office!"

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. Now, I'm going to have to watch this movie...

    Thanks for your sweet comments about my book and puppy! xo

  4. Thank you so much for your comment!

    Looks like such a good trashy film!!


  5. Oh my God, did we really wear that crap in 1990? I have never seen that movie, I was a die-hard Dirty Dancing fan and felt The Lambada was a cheap rip-off and boycotted. I think I'll have to go back and see it now, especially with soap guy Ricky Paul with blonde hair and Jan from The Office!


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