dressed up like a lady: Punk/New Wave Style

Jan 9, 2013

Punk/New Wave Style

I don't know why, but I'm in the mood for some early 80's punk/pop/new wave. Here are a few of my favorite tunes and vids...

I know that a lot of these bands are a little obscure, at least these days, if not even in their own heydays. But mainstream crossover success is no reason to write off Blondie, who were among the most dynamic punk/new wave bands of the early 80s.

Cynics sometimes dismiss Debbie Harry because she was so comfortable utilizing her own pop sensibilities to reach whatever audience she chose. But Harry simply didn’t think that her her physicality, sexuality, or penchant toward pop songwriting were separate compartments of her identity that she should have to shunt off if she wanted to be taken seriously as a musician. She thought that if others saw a woman’s expressions of her own beauty or sexuality as objectifying (let alone if hardcore scenesters had a problem with her doo-wop influences), that was their problem. Harry didn’t have a fearful, knee-jerk aversion to letting any of those elements be a part of herself on stage – and ignoring the provocative side of your identity in the pursuit of street cred doesn’t seem very punk.

It’s also worth noting that Harry was 31 years old when Blondie released their first album; a refreshingly grown-ass woman by any reasonable standard.

Also: If you're looking for a modern band influenced by this sound in a kickass way, check out Kitten

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