dressed up like a lady: Skate party.

Jan 18, 2013

Skate party.

There was a crazy, clouds-parting moment yesterday afternoon, where it suddenly looked so sunny and nice out that MC and I bolted out right the door, figuring we wouldn't get another chance all day to snap an outfit pic in such great lighting.

The light turned out to be a little too nice. Holy shit, that winter sun is intense.

Cardigan: Garland, vintage
Ice skating skirt: Vintage via the Getup
Heels: Jessica Simpson
Dance leotard: Capezio
Bag: Coach, was my mom's

Also: It's still winter so look out for the wind chill. I don't know what we were thinking.


Okay so uh, sometimes when people see you wearing high heels in Michigan in the wintertime, they ask how you don't die, presumably from either frostbite or falling down tragically. I fall down a lot anyway, regardless of season, but I figure it's only fair entertaining for me to show what this outfit looks like if I need to put in any real time or distance outside when it's below freezing.

Let's see it with snowboots!

These aren't even my big ones.
And now that my instinct to abase myself for your amusement is good and limber, I'm going to go ahead and post the pics MC took of me later that night, after I'd abandoned all the semi-classy elements of this outfit and was milling around our unpainted kitchen in a leotard, tights that I only now realize have a rip in them, and a giant pair of sweater boot slippers. 

While I made cookies.

Iknowright? BALLER. Why isn't my cat in this picture, I need to look crazier.

Oh wait, nevermind. Green bucket, sweater boots, hole in tights...cat, unnecessary.

Seriously though, as long as you don't mind looking like a Kristen Wiig SNL character waiting to happen, dancewear is the comfiest for at-home lounging. If MC ever gets a pic of me in this getup PLUS my big, plushy pink robe, expect more pimp lifestyle posts like this one.

Just kidding. But not really. 

Have an awesome weekend. :)


  1. This outfit is so freaking adorable! Especially with the cardigan.

  2. This outfit totally rocks. You are way too cute, lounging around in a leotard.

  3. I like your snowboots more and more.
    I've put away all my heels till spring, it is too dangerous to walk o ice. and I have no ninja moves to save myself from falling.

  4. loved the combination of blue and black!
    you look fantastic!even with your bodysuit and your cutie booties!

  5. This skirt is too adorable. I like both styles and the pearls hit just the right note. Are you kidding me, Cammila, what's more sexy than a leotard
    top and any footwear that resembles boots? Hot-at-home.


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