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Jan 3, 2013

What we've been up to...

As I count down the days until I get my new camera, here's a rundown of what we've been up to via our iphone cams! 

Cammila: For Christmas, my dad asked for a CD of music from the various projects MC and I have worked on together. I made some impromptu cover art for it with some notebook paper.

Cammila: Wore a dance leotard and vintage 50's ice skater skirt to my sis-in-law Alessandra's place for some family fun.

MC: Mama cat teaches baby kitten how to preen.

Cammila: Timothy Monger State Park played Ypsi's yearly 5 day music shindig, Mittenfest, with a new lineup that officially included 3/5 of the Canastas! So proud of my boys. 

MC: My girl glows with intense beauty after a night of rock and roll.

Cammila: Gbear managed to get a big, hard glob of glue in her hair and required an emergency trim. Luckily, she liked it!

MC: Chi finds a convenient pillow.

Cammila: Vegan lemon garlic quinoa spaghetti and spiralized zucchini with veggie chicken and cherry tomatoes. Made while the world's best sous chef/husband read to me.

Cammila: I'm going to miss our mantle looking so festive!

MC: Out for a little thrifting. I say she buys it! Who's with me?!

Cammila: Gbear says that in this picture, Bill Murray is saying "Aaaaaaactivities!" I guess all those puzzles and model sets and (ahem) activity books she got for Xmas really made an impression.

 Cammila: The nerve of this little vintage angel Christmas ornament from the 60's -- totally copping my look! ;)

MC: Chi made himself a new friend.

 Cammila: Cuddle buddies.

Cammila: God DANG I married one handsome bastard.

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  1. so nice moments in great these photos!
    love the white T-shirt!I'm with you!
    Happy New Year my dear!Wish you the best for you and your family!

  2. happy new year! love the photo round up even it is fauxtography.. the pink tree is amazing and chi and the chipmunk?!!

  3. What a beautiful fun loving family you guys are! Happy New Year to you all. :) Thank you for such an awesome comment on my blog, it's great to find yours.
    I adore the first outfit featured, I am all about an ice-skating outfit! One of my latest dress designs I called the ice-skater dress actually!! Cammila I must say the white sweatshirt does suit you he's right. Did you end up buying it? Oh and pretty damn cool CD cover sketch.
    I'll follow you guys on bloglovin and look forward to your future posts. XKate X

  4. An adorable family, Chi included of course. Love the top outfit- tres cute. That vegen dish looks yummy. You are blessed Cammila, to have
    inherited such a sweet little girl.

  5. Cute photos! You look gorgeous in the first one :) And what a cute cat!


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