dressed up like a lady: A Beautiful View

Feb 19, 2013

A Beautiful View

1. Ezekiel sprouted wheat tortillas, broiled with Daiya cheese and tomato sauce, topped with raw avocado, grape tomatoes, fresh black olives, and arugula.
2. An impromptu Otis Redding dance party.
3. A beautiful book of Swedish fairy tales.
4. Chi double vision.
5. Cardamom coffee cake with Rooibos tea.
6. Gbear's current art installment on the fridge.
7. Sunday breakfast of sprouted wheat toast with coconut butter, raw honey, almond butter, and raspberry jam. And of course, coffee.
8. Gommi erasers.
9. A super pink early 90's diary I sent Margaret as part of her Xmas present.
10. and 11. A kids' jewelry box from some short-lived Sanrio characters called Robear & Robearta that I also sent Margaret as part of her Xmas gift.
11. One of my favorite earthen ware mugs.
12. Chi basking in the afternoon sun.

And though these ones are all flattened by being taken with the camera's on board flash, I will include a few more shots from that Otis Redding Dance party. An activity we highly recommend. :)


  1. Your vegan food looks very yum. All of it! Maybe you should come be my chef!!!

  2. It is so fun seeing all the little things that make your life beautiful. Those dance pics are the best, love your hat. ;)

  3. I am so fond of the little girl. Veryyy cute ! I remember seeing here picture with a tutu skirt on her head on facebook... can it get cuter than that !

    And love all the pictures of food here. You have a knack for making those pictures eclectic, with many other points of interests beside the food... like that pattern on the tray in the first one. And also the owl mug and other beautiful textures in another picture :)

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  4. in love with your beautiful magic carpet. Mc's little cutie-pie must feel like the luckiest little girl in the world - and she is.

    p.s. the owl cup is soooooooo cool.


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