dressed up like a lady: A beautiful view...Instagram Edition

Feb 27, 2013

A beautiful view...Instagram Edition

Obligatory "Holy shit, it's cold!" self portrait. - Cammila

Her assignment is to do 20 minutes of reading a night. There's no rule saying she can't do it with a tutu on her head. - Cammila

My wife, with these abs of hers exposed, has the audacity to apologize for "looking like a hobo." -MC

Gbear and her cousin Maddie made an "art gallery." I don't know what the laying down part was about. -MC

Made these impromptu vegan banana cupcakes with chocolate-hazelnut frosting tonight! -Cammila

Woah, peregrine falcon just landed outside of Haifa Felafel! -MC

Cammila and her dutiful assistant make the house's Saturday Morning Special, delicious vegan waffles full of ground-pecans for sustained energy (and deliciousness). - MC

As if a yummy cup of peppermint tea really needed to TELL me to smile. :) - Cammila

MC and Dave, laying down some sweet tracks in the dining room. -Cammila

Gbear and Maddie going to sleep peacefully and perfectly at their first sleepover together, thanks to my wife, Mary Poppins. - MC

This Blythe doll has got shit to do. - MC

Totally French braided my own 3 inches of hair perfectly without even looking! The fact that I look TOTALLY RIDICULOUS is just an unfortunate detail. -Cammila

Just the usual dinner-making hugs, and laughter. -MC

Lolling. - Cammila

LOVE this RC racetrack Cammila got me for my b-day to replace one my mom got me in college but I ended up tragically losing. Now the girls are finally big enough to really enjoy it too! - MC

Just FYI: These are the people I live with. - Cammila

Cammila looks uncannily like model Alysha Nett -- but hotter. - MC

 Perfect evening! - Cammila

Super family! - Cammila

This took no persuading. -Cammila

Couch-bound dance party. -MC

Dang, I married the handsomest bastard in town. -Cammila

Fun with shaving cream. - MC

Finally got a haircut. My head feels so much lighter. - Cammila

Every two weeks, I swear I'll make a bigger batch of homemade veggie burgers so they last longer, and every two weeks I fail! Oh well, into the freezer with these guys. - Cammila

Goodbye popcorn ceiling. Hello hot wife! -MC

Super group! - MC

Peppermint tea and my handsome husband...a few of my favorite things. -Cammila

Rich, homemade hot chocolate with Dandies vegan marshmallows! - Cammila

Snow fairy. -MC

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  1. Could there be life without instagram?

  2. OMG the art gallery made me laugh out loud. Kids are hysterical!

  3. You need to post your veggie burger recipe! Please?


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