dressed up like a lady: Baby doll.

Feb 28, 2013

Baby doll.

These were  taken on Monday, the day before we got an epic snowfall and lost power, which made me wish that we had a screen for in front of our fireplace so we could build a fire in there, and sleep in front of it like freaking pioneers. It's possible that I idealize this scenario, because the house I grew up in had a supplementary wood-burning furnace installed along with the gas unit, and I still associate winter with the smell and sounds of my dad chopping wood. I also learned when I got older that cutting lumber is great exercise! 

But MC and I don't work at a hospital built on a former cranberry bog, like my dad, where they'll let you borrow the truck if it means you'll cut up and haul downed trees from the property. That's a rare situation. Which is tragic, because I don't know how else a young girl is going to learn how to use an axe or a chainsaw during those empowering formative teenage years.

Floral babydoll dress: H&M
Over-the-knee socks: Sockdreams
Velvet platforms (my wedding shoes!): Asos
Bag: Coach, thrifted

Anyway, the house got chilly without power, but we just threw some heavy, vintage Hudson Bay wool blankets over us and read to each other with a flashlight. We stayed amazingly toasty under there, and were lucky enough to have power restored the next night.

P.S. The moments between snowfalls always look so dead! All scraggly trees and dead grass and cracked sidewalks! I swear, our neighborhood is quaint as eff most of the time.


  1. Gorgeous as always, Babycat. However, as we were shooting these, I was thinking I definitely need to do some edging this Spring! :$

  2. I never comment usually but I had a wood burning furnace too and winter makes me think of the smell of wood! It is such a comforting smell.

  3. Gah! No power in the dead of winter seems terrifying, but it sounds as though you guys made the best of it (a trait that often shines through in your posts). I never was so fortunate as to chop wood, but growing up we shot big handguns and rifles (at cans and bottles) in the woods or desert, so kinda the same?

    Anyways you look like a total babe in that baby doll, doll face. (Cue the rimshot!)


    Ps. I'm not sure of the exact "ettiquitte" when replying to comments, but I've been meaning to tell you how much fun your job sounds and it explains so much about your pop prowess!

  4. Gah! No power in the winter sounds terrifying, but it seems as though you made the best if it (a trait that comes out often in your posts). I was not fortunate enough to chop wood as a kid, but we did soot handguns and big ol rifles in the woods or desert (at cans and bottles only) which was pretty damn fun.

    Anyways, you look like a total babe in that baby doll, doll face. (Cue the rimshot)


    ps. I'm not sure of the exact comment. "Ettiquitte" as far as replying to comments, and I never told you now f-n awesome you job sounds! It sounds perfect for you and explains all your pop prowess.

  5. By looking at these pictures and the way you are dressed one may assume that it's spring already ;)

  6. You are making me love the 90s trend! It somehow goes well with winter. :)

  7. Those moments between snowfalls can be so dreary and grungy, it's true. Interestingly though, they've always had a certain endearing quality to me as well, and many standout winter memories (good, bad and others) I've had over the years took place on such days, which no factors into why that is.

    Killer outfit! That frock is so sweet, fun and girly! (But also just the littlest bit rock girl touch thanks to the black background.) It takes me straight back to the 90s and similar dresses that I used to sport (with leggings, natch) back then.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. LOVE those shoes! And that snowfall was insane! I still can't believe Ann Arbor lost power. Lucky for my sister, she didn't even have to work the next day since all the power was still out. Too bad all the snow turned into yucky mush though, otherwise it would have been perfect.

  9. What a gorgeous dress. And is that a new undercut you have got ! Looks fab !

    And those velvet shoes are soooo pretty ! You have a great eye for things !

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  10. You look great! Love those shoes!



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