dressed up like a lady: Cammila and MC's Wedding: First Dance

Feb 18, 2013

Cammila and MC's Wedding: First Dance

In the first days of our relationship, when it wasn't even really a relationship yet, just the shocked mutual knowledge that we were in love with each other, I had a dream where MC and I were slow dancing to 'Slave to Love' by Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music

We'd learn in those early days that we'd both been dreaming about each other (literal dreaming, not just fantasy-dreaming) for years. But I had not yet told MC about this particular dream when he sent me this message out of the blue:

Just like magic. Soon afterward, I did, of course, tell him about the dream, since he seemed psionically clued into it already. And though our shared love for the best romantic glam pop band of all time is probably enough to make his message a probable coincidence,  I happen to know that it was providence. I knew synchronicity when I saw it. 

Anyway, from day one, there was never a time when 'Slave to Love' wasn't going to be our wedding song.

One of our favorite things about these pictures is the presence of our friend, super-groomsman, wedding DJ, harbinger of rock and roll and all around badass mench, Ray! He spent the entire night tinkering with lights, cables, and the laptop from which he played perfect 70's and 80's dance/rock tunes as we on the dancefloor all got to benefit from his perfect taste (and timing).

My mom heartily approved when we broke into a little light swing dancing. 

I'd bet that the spectacle of our first dance was probably a little anti-climactic to the guests watching, because for the most part, we just clung together and swayed, too folded up in the bliss to give much of a performance. But hey, we were going to end up on stage with our band later, so  hopefully nobody held it against us. ;)


  1. Every time I hear Slave to Love I think of the movie Fire with Fire. So romantic!

    1. We just watched that movie a few months ago! We went on a weird 80's Teen Star-Crossed-Lovers Movies binge, and watched that, along with Endless Love and Reckless. Fire with Fire was definitely the most romantic one.

      Honestly, I think if Slave to Love reminds me of a movie, it's probably 9 1/2 weeks! Haha, a bit more scandalous, but another one of our favorites. ;)

    2. Wait . . . are you saying there's something weird about 80's teen star-crossed-lovers movies? 'Cause, that's practically all I watch sometimes! So glad I saved everything on VHS from when I was a teenager. :)

  2. Y'alls love story is a total fairytale, the original better Grimm's version where the girl is always spunky, not a helpless damsel like in Disney versions. :)

    I was just dorking out (read: dancing and singing while cooking) to the All Songs Considered podcast yesterday and Bryan Ferry was the guest DJ for a v-day set, it's definitely worth a listen while cooking, cleaning, crafting or general putzing around the casa. http://www.npr.org/blogs/allsongs/2013/02/12/171716590/bryan-ferry-wants-to-be-your-valentine-dj


    1. Holy shit!! Thanks for the tip, babe, we are TOTALLY going to listen to this while we paint the ceiling in our dining room today. :D


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