dressed up like a lady: Cammila and MC's Wedding: The Serenade

Feb 21, 2013

Cammila and MC's Wedding: The Serenade

As if being surrounded by a vibrating sea of love and awesomeness from our closest friends and family wasn't enough, my heart got a double shot of extra joy when MC jumped on stage with Chad, Mike, and Tim, just a few minutes after our first dance, to serenade me with a couple songs that he worked out secretly with the boys on his own! :)

The songs MC picked to sing to me included the classic standard 'On the Street Where You Live,' which I have personally requested from him probably 100 times. If our lives were a movie, there would be a smash-cut montage of me persuading him to sing me that song in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the car, in the bathtub...at our wedding. :)

MC also serenaded me with 'More Than This,' another classic by Bryan Ferry (who is one of my favorite pop culture avatars for MC) about the sparkling infinity of love. 

Then, MC called me up on stage and we did my favorite duet of all time, activating our husband-and-wife musical super powers (which are even better than our boyfriend-girlfriend superpowers). Shots from that will be in the next wedding post!


  1. This looks so sweet ! And your expressions really say it all. How much loved and blessed you must have felt ! Great happiness for you two :)

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  2. MC is very impressive! You know how to pick em.

  3. I am loving watching this wedding story unfold in pictures. Your faces are so lit up with happiness!

  4. Oh how I love this! The pictures are fabulous and truly captured the moment!!! Keep the wedding pictures coming!

    Totally not related, sent you an email last month, did you get it? Have a question for you! wardrobeoxygen at gmail :)

    1. Oh shiz, I totally did not! I'm not finding anything, even in my spam folder -- though it only goes back about a month. If you wanna resend it, I'll make sure you're in my contacts this time!

    2. Sweet!

      Hmm...though I haven't gotten anything from you yet. Are you sending it to cammila (at) gmail? My oddly spelled name (with the two m's and one l) often messes people up! :)

  5. so totally cool! loved 'my fair lady' soundtrack since like forever.
    my family was sick of me carrying on around the house.

    you two are just too much - too much HOPE.

  6. That venue is amazing and the bride's dress is really stunning.


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