dressed up like a lady: Do a twirl

Feb 26, 2013

Do a twirl

Truth be told, these photos are a couple days old. We took them when we were still in the midst of stripping down and repainting the dining room -- hence the blank backdrop. It's all done now, infused with a 70's vibe and I can't wait to show you. 
Meanwhile, this outfit is straight up fit-and-flare 50's. I do love me some decade-blending.

Taffeta circle skirt: Hand made, thrifted
Cashmere sweater: 80's Beneton, thrifted
Needlepoint handbag: Vintage, Christine Custom Bags, Detroit, Michigan
Heels: Jessica Simpson


  1. Thanks for posting something retro that is also cold weather friendly!

  2. Amazing look, darling!
    Love that skirt on you!


    P.S. Thanks for your enthusiasm about my giveaway and your hysterical comment - I get some ridiculous solicitations too ;)

  3. you look great! I like the skirt and the color a lot


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