dressed up like a lady: Fresh coat of paint

Feb 8, 2013

Fresh coat of paint

We finally painted our effing living room this winter. Our 1927 Arts and Crafts style American Foursquare is full of dark wood Craftsman accents (big old window frames and nice, thick baseboards!), so we went with Bungalow Gold as our color in here. It's so warm and rich and it's crazy how well it goes with all our stuff!

Not that we're anywhere close to finding a place for all our stuff. As you can see, we've only scratched the surface with our wall hangings. Full speed ahead! Next up is the dining room. Excuse me, I've gotta go apply painter's tape.


  1. Wow your home is beautiful! I love how it has real character. It definitely suits you.

  2. I really like your living room. the yellow color is great and it looks so warm. good luck with painting the rest of the house.

  3. Like walking back in time. It looks great. You need a "you'll shoot you eye out" BB-Gun in the corner.

  4. Love the colour! And your house is charming...love it!

  5. You have a beautiful house! I love it!

  6. What is the door under your stairs to? Is it a door width closet or is there a little cubbyhole under the stairs?

    I am also curious about the tin can with tulle over it in the fireplace.

    1. Woah, good eye! The little door is to a cubby that is basically comprised of the entire hallow under the stairs. There's an awesomely ancient iron closet rod installed in there, so we store coats in it.

      And yeah, I should have explained the thing in the fireplace. It's our card box from our wedding! I don't know why we stuck it in there, but it's probably going to live there until we need to use it for something else, or need to build a fire -- whichever comes first.

  7. love the updated Victorian feel - Kudos! and so cozy - like a living room should be. cute tissue box.

  8. That RUG! The scale and colors are spectacular. I wouldn't have thought to put so many florals together, but since the colors and scale are different for each patterm it makes a beautiful garden!



  9. You have such a lively home ! Just like yourself. Great color choice and I love your tissue box and the painting on the glass !

    The Creative Bent


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