dressed up like a lady: Post Valentine's Day Massacre

Feb 15, 2013

Post Valentine's Day Massacre


I don't know about you, but even at the height of my faux-rebellious contrarian days as a teenager, I still loved Valentines Day. All that "Wah wah, this is a Hallmark-holiday" bullshit seemed to me like it wasted the opportunity to photocopy silly Valentines for all my friends, full of nerdy Monty Python jokes and anatomy textbook pictures of human hearts.

Anyway, 5 year olds inherently understand that celebration is fun (period.), so MC and Gbear and I had tons of fun making and exchanging cards.

 Totoro t-shirt: Weareotaku
High waisted flares: Victoria's Secret
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Heart scarf: Belonged to MC's grandmother

MC and I exchanged slightly more romantic V-day sentiments after we put Gbear to bed, which of course eventually resulted in me on the other end of a camera lens, as is often the case for us. Which is maybe weird, but I love it. 

Also, I reviewed the movie Beautiful Creatures for work, in case you're into tween romantic fantasy franchises and you're curious how it measures up.

Anyway, here's my Valentine for you. Warning! It contains a single, non-sexual instance of an f-bomb, so avert your eyes if you can't handle the PG-13 rules on that word. ;)


So how was your Valentine's Day?


  1. In my country Valentine's is something relatively new, and this commercialized day is oriented only on love relationships, so I don't like it too much. But it seems fun reading posts like yours where it is more about love, and less about "only" romantic love.
    I like your shoes, I see them often in your pictures so I suppose you like them too :)

  2. I'd bet many would kill for one of those photocopied valentines today.

    The girl and I went to our favorite Indian place. It was simple but special.

  3. so sweet post!
    love your red T-shirt and your cutie shocks!
    yeah it's really nice to celebrate Valentine's day!

  4. Everytime I look at that wolfy Valentine I burst out laughing. So perfect!


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