dressed up like a lady: A good night

Mar 16, 2013

A good night

The evening started a little rough; not long after we sat down to eat, Gbear broke down and literally started crying at the dinner table because she was "too full from snacks" to eat her favorite dinner. It was one of those moments as a dad, her innocence, disappointment and sense of alienation from such a dependable family ritual was so heartbreaking, I was momentarily gutted.

Fortunately, we came up with an excellent solution: we had a dance party to work up our appetites! After eight or nine Thin Lizzy, Slade, and ELO tracks, Gbear ate a nice, big helping of pasta with cashew cream sauce. She even downed another bowl of whole cashews on their own as the three of us cuddled up to watch The Incredibles! It's going to be an awesome weekend.


  1. That's the kind of memory that's going to stick with her forever.

  2. Stories like this are what parenting is all about. :)

  3. little stories like this are the best. love you guys.


  4. Dance party is almost always a reasonable solution to any problem.


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