dressed up like a lady: Big New Bag!

Mar 28, 2013

Big New Bag!

I got a new bag! Well, new to me, at least. 

It's just a humble 1980's suede tapestry-style bag from Ann Taylor, but honestly, it's exactly what I wanted. It's huge -- like mom/band member/nutritionist/I-need-to-carry-flats huge. And it opens on a hinged frame, so unlike my Cynthia Rowley bag, I don't have to worry about being unable to stretch the stupid flap over to thread the kisslock if I need to close it when it's jammed full of microphones and kid snacks and water bottles and a portfolio full of nutritionist stuff.

Uh, that's it. Exciting times over here. ;)


  1. love the bag.it looks great and big enough for all the stuff ( I have). I also must say I really like the blouse and it goes great with the bag. I read now your post about your other bag, and I don't know which one I like more. I think I'm a sucker for big bags..
    and for keeping things in order, I have a bag inside a bag:)

  2. I love the bag but I am so bad with large bags, every time I need too take something out of it, it takes me long time.
    But it doesn't mean I don't LOVE large bags :)

    Dress To Cook Blog

  3. Great bag and lovely blouse. In the second picture, all the ecstatic emotions of having this bag really speak through the picture. Plus I loved how you described in nice references how huge the bag really is :)

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  4. LOVE it! It looks very well made and big enough you can add another slash to your list of roles! :p



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