dressed up like a lady: Boyfriend jeans

Apr 5, 2013

Boyfriend jeans

Husband jeans: MC's
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame T-shirt: MC's
Leopard print booties: Timeless
Old Ann Taylor bag big enough for all my shit: Still rocking my world so hard that I mention it even though it isn't exactly part of the outfit

A while back, I put on my "boyfriend jeans," which I'd bought from a $5 bin at UO during Art Fair. Boyfriend jeans are supposed to basically be straight legged and a little loose. But these were a lot loose. Like, "after"-picture-in-a-weight-loss-commercial loose. I realized they were three sizes too big for me, and wondered how I'd ever gotten them to stay up. Or why I'd bought them. Or what I'd been doing at Art Fair.

I poked around online, hoping for a decent pair of fitting bf jeans at a decent price. Asos had some cute house brand ones, but were sold out in my size. Victoria's Secret, whom I maintain make bangin' jeans for grown-ass women, have a "pencil" jean, but it defeats the purpose, at least for me, because it has a curved waistband. It's supposed to fit perfectly along your womanly shape, which I appreciate in spirit because I do have a major differential between my waist and my hips. But my waist WAY higher than average, so a low-mid rise curved in waistband doesn't contour to my curves, it digs the eff into my flesh. See also: Gap's stupid "straight" vs "curvy" jeans.

Then I walked upstairs and found MC's most beat up pair of jeans sitting in the hamper right in front of me. "Cammila, you dumb bastard..." I chuckled to myself for not thinking of it sooner. Boyfriend jeans from my actual boyfriend. Husband, even. :) 



  1. those leopard wedges are so much fun!! love this outfit, street chic!

  2. yep. love the boots- omgosh and so fixated on
    that cool mary poppins bag - who btw was so ahead of her time.

  3. Love the jeans; they really are the perfect boyfriend (husband!) jean fit!

  4. You're one of the women who looks PERFECT in boyfriend jeans! I love it :)
    Together with these leopard boots - gorgeous!

    Dress To Cook Blog

  5. No surprise, you look better in my clothes than I do! :)


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