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Apr 1, 2013

I Made You a Mixtape: THIS MY JAM!!!

If there is any justice in this world, then you surely have the same love of 90's R&B pop that I do. Here are a few questions to help you determine this about yourself: 
  • Did you attend a middle school dance in the early 90's?
  • Can you perform the song "Shoop" in its entirety, without the track playing to cue you?
  • Did you grow up in range of a hip hop station that would still put you on the air when you called to request the TLC song "Hat 2 Da Back" AGAIN, even though you were clearly an 11 year old white girl from 60 miles away?
Okay, maybe these are just some of my own reasons for loving this stuff. But considering that some of the most infectious hooks in music history came out of this era, I'm pretty sure any place or time could provide an equally solid foundation for appreciating this shit, even if that place and time is right here, right now. 

(Playable mixtape at the bottom of this post, just scroll down!) 

Case in point: I posted the video for Shanice's "I Love Your Smile" on Facebook the other day, and Margaret responded with one of her own favorite 90's jams. Next thing we knew, we had a 25 message long comment thread listing all the most mind blowing grooves we still adore, so I figured it was mixtape time.  


Just click the mixtape below to play the mix! You can just leave it playing in an open window or tab to hear the music, or feel free to watch it as well, and enjoy the awesomely bonkers music videos that accompany many of these. :)

P.S. Margaret won another award recently for being a badass working poet. All who don't know what it means to be a badass working poet can refer to this post.


  1. Eeeeeeeeee! I have been slowly piecing together an eerily similar playlist on Spotify, which I have now happily abandoned - yours is so much cooler with videos!

    I am so ready for summer. And apparently, to introduce my daughter to the soundtrack of my younger self.

  2. I can totally perform Shoop in it's entirety without the track. Usually while cleaning.

  3. YES! I should be working, but now all I want is a DANCE PARTY!

  4. I know WAY too many of these. What was I doig as a child? Obessively listening to the radio and making mix tapes with the old play adn reord pressed down together method! Lots of memories here!

  5. You rock, darling!
    Love this mix!!


  6. I'm not sure there's ever enough emotional readiness to be propelled to middle school in such a vivid way.
    I also now will have "Shoop" in my head for a week. :)

  7. Dying. Dead. This is AMAZING, thank you thank you!

  8. I listened to this while packing last night; it made the process a little less miserable.


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