dressed up like a lady: Little gift

Apr 25, 2013

Little gift

My, my, what's this? A pretty little gift from my husband! 

A lovingly hand made ear cuff with a tiny little trumpet!


Tragically, the rest of today's ensemble is not really what you'd call a blog worthy outfit...

But who needs a sweet outfit when you have the best husband in the world? (And a comfy KISS tee shirt). ;)


  1. Now, I'm always serenading you when you wear it. Love you, Babycat!

  2. Man! You guys find the coolest stuff for each other. You should both consider careers as treasure hunters :)

  3. So cute! I loveeee when my husband brings me jewelry.

  4. I somehow missed this post! Love the ear cuff:) (and the rest of the outfit too).
    it doesn't have to be a blog worthy outfit every day, right?


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