dressed up like a lady: Prayers for rain.

Apr 19, 2013

Prayers for rain.

 High waisted skinny jeans: VS
The Cure tee shirt: MC's
Children's Members Only jacket: MC's, from when he was little
Leopard print booties: Timeless via Asos


  1. I honestly would have just thought that was a cute cropped jacket! So funny that it's from the kid's section!

  2. When I saw the Facebook photo of this shirt, I thought that was Eminem on it! I was surprised you were wearing an Eminem shirt; this makes much more sense, hah.

  3. I have usually rolled my eyes when it comes to people dressing "90s" but this outfit is awesome, at least on you!

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  5. I love these boots so much (I think I already told you that) and the whole denim look, perfect! (90's addicted)..

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