dressed up like a lady: Winter Retrospective: 2010/2009 - 2009/2008

Apr 10, 2013

Winter Retrospective: 2010/2009 - 2009/2008

Here's the final installment in my Winter Retrospective, where I cull the cloud of my my blog, Facebook, and Flickr accounts for memorable moments from winters gone by.

Winter 2009-2010

3. My Iron Maiden Vans 4. Kitty cat watch

5. Random silly shot from a night out 6. Drunken car that crashed into my house NYE (No one was hurt. What a dumbass.)

7. 8.

9. Dressed down for our friend Perry's Oscar party 10. Some 70's groupie inspiration

11. MC ♥ Cammila, Valentine's Day 2010 12. Arty shot MC took of me in my old apartment's big bathtub

13. MC takes a pic of his obsession 14. Cammila takes a pic of her obsession

15. 1930's velvet dress 16. MC rocking Mittenfest

17. 18.

19. SHENANIGANS!!!  20. OKAY, NOW YOU PUT IT ON!!! Proof of how comfortable MC is  with his masculinity, since he's willing to be this completely ridiculously, insanely silly!

21. 22.

23. Nostalgia! Shot in MC's old bathroom 24. More silliness captured in my own old apartment

25. 26.

27. 28.

29. My 'Mad Men Me' 30. Electric blue over-the-knee boots

31. Jeeze, what a warm winter! No socks! 32. MC and I dress up for the Disco Apocalypse Bang! on NYE

33. 34.

35. 36.

37. MC was inspired to style me for a James Dean shoot 38. A 60's does 20's outfit

Winter 2008-2009

39. 40.

41. 42.

43. Posing for my 70's album cover 44.With my friend Holly, drooling for Eddie Izzard

45. 46.

47. 48.

49. 50.

51. 52.

53. 54.

P.S. My hotshit husband Matt Collar reviewed the masterpiece that is the new Paramore album. Did we collaborate on this review? Let's just say, we're of a mind. Click here to read it.


  1. yay you look so awesome <3 i just can't. i love your photos! :)

  2. I can see you through MC's eyes when I see the photos he takes of you. <3

  3. Amazing looks, darling ~ you rocked then and you continue to rock now!
    Love that bathtub pic :)


  4. You are amazing. I love all of the looks you put together!

  5. Gah! so much awesomeness I can't even comment! Do you miss you're whiteblond hair?



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