dressed up like a lady: Winter Retrospective: 2010/2011

Apr 3, 2013

Winter Retrospective: 2010/2011

I've been blogging for a tad too long to fit an entire winter retrospective into one post -- where I cull the cloud of my blog, Facebook, and Flickr accounts for memorable moments from winters gone by. So I'm going to keep breaking it up by year; here's a look at winter 2010/2011.


3. 4.

5. Another alter ego! 6. Vegan banana pudding with chocolate cream

7. Fun with long socks 8. Making vegan pies; scenes from a cohabitation

9. My senior portrait 10. MC taunts the Zingerman's Tanuki


13. Mani party 14. My beautiful girl


17. The little Swedish girl on MC's keychain 18. Tiny gift and love poem from MC

21. MC and I in the studio 22. MC's insanely hot senior portrait

23. 24.

25. MC rocking with TMSP 26. Dinking around after dance class

27. 28.

29. Bathroom shenanigans 30. Merry Christmas from Chi!

31. 32.

33. Gbear the hipster gal 34. Christmas morning at Nana and Papa's

35. 36.

37. Precarious Chi 39. 9 1/2 Weeks inspiration

40. 41.

42. Vegan smoores cupcakes 43. Cat family

44. Me in a cat mask, age 9 45. Chillin with Alessandra's corgi, the lovely Lucy

46. Ponyo! Respect your father! 47. The girls work on the family wall

48. Making cookies 49. Vegan hot cocoa, vegan marshmallows, and the Urban Dictionary mug MC made for my name

50. 51.

52. Washing dishes with my mom in law 53. Gonzo dad

54. MC looking better in my glasses than I do 55. Gbear mugging at Nana and Papa's


  1. You have come such a long way in just a few years! I love all your looks.

  2. your senior photo is amazing!!!

  3. Awesome way to present such a rich array of cold weather ensembles (I'm especially keen on #50). I'm planning on doing my first ever (and hopefully henceforth annual) wardrobe post retrospective at the end of this year, in which I'll recap some of the outfit highlights from the past twelve months.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I'm going to be craving s'mores all day thanks to those scrumptious cuppies! :)

  4. love all your photos!especially your look at 7 and 23!
    your little girl is so beautiful!

  5. The last two photos really makes me crack up because if you look quickly, it looks like GBear is standing behind a den door next to MC without him realizing it.


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