dressed up like a lady: Cured.

May 15, 2013


 High waisted flares: River Island
Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm
Ray-ban clubmaster sunglasses: Gift from our friend Maria!
Cure t-shirt: MC's
Cardi: old UO
Hat: Vintage via local antique store
Bag: thrifted


  1. Cammila is wearing my 1987 Cure tour t-shirt. Possibly, my sister might have bought it for me at the show in Detroit. Or I might have bought it myself at a record store. Either way, I wore it constantly in High School. I did not get to see The Cure until 1989 for the Disintegration tour at the Palace in Auburn Hills. Cammila has, of course, pilfered the t-shirt I bought there as well. I don't mind. She always looks better in my clothes than I do. 16-year-old Matt is certainly quite pleased! ;)

  2. You look awesome! I love the red lips and the sexy sunnies!d

  3. Yes!!! I love the Cure. And geez Cammila your boday is ridiculous....ly good looking. haha


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