dressed up like a lady: Gatsby inspired.

May 10, 2013

Gatsby inspired.

This is what I wore to go to the press screening for The Great Gatsby this week. I guess it was kind of a 70's-does-20's vibe (double retro, baby), which inadvertently pays tribute to the 1974 version of the movie. Which is funny, because that version is EXTREMELY BORING in every regard except for Robert Redford's face.

Meanwhile, the Great Gatsby that's opening this week is strangely perfect. Read my review for TV Guide.  And of course, MC wrote a piece for the AllMusic site on Luhrmann's use of music in the movie, so read that too.
 Tank: Random TJ Maxx find
Wide leg trousers: VS
Scarf: Vintage Oscar de la Renta via Farmstead Vintage
Little seersucker oxfords: Random TJ Maxx find


  1. Aw, this look is amazing <3 I see the Great Gatsby inspiration <3 love it!

  2. I am loving this whole outfit! There are girls all over instagram wearing "gatsby party" outfits that look NOTHING like clothes from the 20s. But you have captured the whole spirit of it!

  3. Love wide-leg pants.

    Have you read 'Rules of Civility' by Amor Towles? It takes place in 1938, but reminds me of Gatsby because it's full of huge parties and posh people.

  4. You look so good in it. I got "used" to your wearing dresses and skirts, but you look so good in these trousers.
    And the whole outfit is great!
    And I like "collars ltd" on the pictures :)

  5. im lovin' the pants. i actually wore a pair just like these for a 13 hour car ride yesterday. best decision ever. even though i would have rather decided to just not drive 13hrs, but hey, gotta do what ya gotta do!


  6. I can't wait to see the new Gatsby! I went to a 20's party myself last night, we can compare outfits, however yours is cool double retro and mine was straight up poser;) Happy Mother's Day lady!


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