dressed up like a lady: Liberate (Your Boobs)

May 1, 2013

Liberate (Your Boobs)

High rise skinnies: VS
Tank: Random old UO clearance
Shoes: Exchange by Charles David
Vintage men's oversized dinner jacket: Ebay
Jewelry: Mix of thrifted and Etsy 

Yeah, that's right, I'm not wearing a bra. Didn't ya'll read about that French study? Shit, they're not even good for your breasts. Seriously though, if going braless is good enough for Carly Simon in the 70's and Jennifer Aniston in the 90's, it's good enough for me.

Not that I'm opposed to a bra when it suits the mood, outfit, or occasion, but that's up to me. (Or my office dress code).


  1. you look do good! and I like the heels.
    speaking of bras, I heard about the article, but somehow doubt in the information. In couple of years there will be new article about how they were wrong and bras are needed.
    For the time being,in my case, freedom for the boobs only at home :)

  2. Yay, for free-boobing! Although, I don't think Jennifer Aniston is free-boobing in that photo. Don't ask me how long I looked at her boobs, hah.

    1. Haha, yeah, upon STARING AT HER INTENTLY, I think she's wearing a tank with a built-in shelf bra or something. But at least she's making the statement that nipples really aren't that taboo.

    2. Aniston seems to be a fan of free-boobing in general, though.


  3. yes great timing! i'm not wearing a bra today either! woohoo! :)

  4. Modelicious look and pics ~ meow!


  5. You are seriously stunning! And I have always wondered if they were good for you or not. When I was studying in London, one of my good friends there always went braless. It can be very fashionable and hey if it is good for you too, why not ;)

  6. bangin' bod sister! i love that i just stumbled across your blog and the first post i see is "liberate your boobs". so great.



  7. Damn gurl, if my boobs looked as good as yours without a bra wouldn't wear one either. BTW love the fit of those jeans!

  8. This is REALLY radical for me. I appreciate your guts the most... to be upfront about this. You broke a taboo. In my country, I can't imagine women going braless for another 2 decades atleast. we are so far from it; nipples in public are not acceptable, and neither is cleavage (in most settings) And bra is really a question of women's modesty here. It feels pretentious really..... if something is there... why pretend its not? Natural anatomy is nothing to be ashamed of. But here... the key is to hide the natural form. such a shame. That is why I have such respect for you right now!!

    But I do not know if they are good or bad for you. One study could say something, the other something else. Very confusing.

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  9. You're so funny! Long time no see - your blog is looking amazing and so are you! Love that jacket!

  10. My husband showed me thtat study - anytime I can get my boobs in a dress and it doesn't require a bra, I don't wear one. IT's been quite nice. And I LOVE these jeans on you! I want to look that good in pants! No fiar! And I love those heels.

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  12. I call it "free the boobies". I love to be bra-less when it suits my mood or I am not at work.

  13. Again, you're post is eliciting and OMGZ from me (I started saying that as a joke long ago and it has somehow worked its way into my vernacular)! Not for the free boobs, I'm a fan of going braless and would do it more if mine were as perky as yours, but just the general freedom you give yourself in life. I identify with it because I try give my self the same freedom, but in my new location I have had a "freedom blockage", for some reason I just can't get comfortable enough here to be me... and... that's enough self awareness for tonight.

    Can all us ladies unite in some modern day bra burning or something? I think we ladies could all use some camaraderie in this "leaning in v. leaning out" time we live in.



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