dressed up like a lady: NO-PANTS REVOLUTION!!

May 3, 2013


Just kidding. I actually had shorts on underneath, however, this shirt shrank in the dryer, making it just long enough to cover the shorts, but short enough to give the conspicuous impression that I forgot to wear pants. Hilarious.

Oversized wolf tee: Thrifted, long ago
Grandpa sweater: Thrifted
Over the knee socks: Sockdreams
Shoes: Steve Madden 


  1. I am glad you were joking about the no pants because I was a little worried about what comes next in the series after no bra, and no pants, haha.

  2. I love your vintage top! I have this dress that is too short to actually be a dress but too long to be a top so I wear shorts underneath also its a great idea honestly! You look fabulous



  3. Can you STOP being so damn hot.? J/K, please don't. Did you stitch those sleeves up yourself? If so, grand idea, I'm stealing it, if not, I'm stealing it and claiming it as my own! HA!

    Also, I love the "matrix" pose, it's a classic between me and my BF in H*town.



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